Monday, 8 June 2015

The reward in rejection!

Rejection! The first thing that comes to our mind when we even think about it is fear. Through years and years of an upbringing focused strictly on academics and less on building of true character, we've lost our sense of appreciation in this one single phenomenon which has been responsible for more human milestones than success and acceptance can ever match up to. While it may sound surprising, but rejection has subtly worked its way to be the prime determinant of our future. And this post is my own way to eulogize rejection and to provide it with its much deserved place in human mindset. 

Rejection is what makes us malleable. While success builds in us habits we embrace for a lifetime, thereby making us more and more secluded from the potential changes we can make, rejection forces us to revisit the habits to prune out that ones that don't click anymore. In that essence, rejection is the mortar with which we build the pillars of evolution. On first look, success may come across the harbinger of change, but in reality, all success is predicated on an entire series of rejections, which one after the other kept bringing the eventual success to the fore. 

With rejection comes melancholy, and with melancholy comes a sense of contemplation. This is very necessary. Mankind has been doing things that have been making us more indifferent and apathetic towards some core mammalian emotions so deeply entrenched in us. While competition, survival and retribution are still there, we don't get ourselves involved in the pleasure of whining and whimpering in our lows. We instead hop onto reparation straightaway, not knowing that maybe we are no longer human enough to take control. And that's precisely why rejection is necessary. 

It's in all that regret and contrition, that we delve into some kind of soul searching. It is in there that we stimulate those sections of our assumed reality which shows us how much plight and agony we really are in. As long as we succeed, we overlook all our existing lights because some one final event marks our success and we have a yardstick to prove our success. And as long as we succeed, we can 'tell' people we are happy and they have every reason to believe it. While we actually might be withering from within and would be so unhappy in reality. But who cares when you can fake it otherwise. 

So by not giving rejection its fare share of credit, we move farther and farther away from the realization of the rewards we get from it, and success becomes the only thing worth paying any heed to, We soon become sticklers for success because that's all people will remember you for, and we eschew all our failures, thinking they might hamper progress later on when we become big shots. And without even knowing that, we become bigots towards failures. 

Yes, rejection has a reward of its own, and it can be sensed only in those pangs and travails that accompany the pain of having failed. But in reality, rejection is the real remedy for the wounds we give to ourselves in our lives which might seem happy from the outside, but which might be putred from within. While success may really be a placebo which might ephemerally help you flaunt something new for a while in the name of having some purpose in your life, it is the rejections that really show you that you have an ailment whose cure has to be looked out for. Success on the other hand might just act as a temporary cathartic while the cancer of sadness metastizes all over your conscience. 

Rejection is mankind's sole gateway to transformation and evolution. It is like Darwinian principles in play in your mental playfield. Every rejection eliminates traits, mindsets and beliefs that failure could be attributed to. And it is the failures that really set the foundation for success to sit on as and when it arrives. Rejections are what we predicate the core character on and unprecedented success might just be splintered away because the pillars were a little too frail and scraggy. So irrespective of what and where we get a rejection on, one's gotta accept it as an opportunity to introspect, which in turn is our only way to evolve and improve. And while success on any day is better, rejection too has to be accepted as being a genuine companion rather than being a defiling mayhem. Rejection has its reward and all those who wait for it, are the only ones who shall ever succeed. 

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