Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Why I'll watch Breaking Bad again instead of going for GoT.

Okay, upfront I'll have to admit I'm scared I might have to face some flak for this, but I couldn't just keep this feeling to myself so it was rather inevitable for it to come on the blog. Over the last few days I've been witnessing quite some hoopla over the season finale of GoT with every other post on Facebook either expressing elation on someone finding a new hero, or dejection on someone being sad that their Mondays will be bereft of all the pleasure and all. Now I've been a it of a fanatic when it comes to a television series which has a lot of ballyhooing around it and I went on to watch and became a lifetime admirer of Prison Break, Dexter, Supernatural, Hostages, The Blacklist and many more by virtue of recommendations that I got. In fact I'm pretty ardent on literally devouring episodes when I fall in love with a concept. I'd muster all the episodes in no time at all and there have been times when I've burnt the midnight oil to finish entire seasons in a day! So there's no denying that I've got appetite for more of similar nature and I can get time as well. But yet something grotesque is preventing me from falling in love with GoT, the way I fell with many more concepts in the past. And that reason ins Breaking Bad. 

Very rarely does it happen that you become so regaled by some idea that you embrace it like anything. In a way that idea entangles you in such a way that you get cloistered in it's spell and you can't move out. That's what Breaking Bad did to me around a year ago. With many folks at the JS Hall boys hostel having made mentions of Walter White(With one actually being intrepid enough to keep Walter as the wifi password), I was tempted to go for it. I was involved in the much important task of finishing off Dexter and Supernatural back then and it was of paramount importance that I finished them first before changing tracks resulting in a mental potpourri. But I thought that Breaking Bad's first season was a pilot and had a paltry 3 episodes. And a series can't suddenly get so addictive that you leave everything else and want to just watch one more episode, right? And it's precisely then that I realized that my love for Breaking Bad was tru love indeed. No bounds, no restrains and no holds barred. Like a paramour enchanting a marabout. It was all too surreal for me!

I finished watching the whole 5 seasons of Breaking Bad with so much dedication and with such a penchant for the unveiling of Walter White's unrestrained tale that I just went on with the flow. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of that circuitous tale. I was rather befuddled by how much a man can take. I was surprised to see what unflinching determination can do. And I was flummoxed to see how much a man can transform. And most importantly, Breaking Bad taught me that fear is what you tell yourself to be the reason why something is not possible. In short, those 5 seasons of Breaking Bad were not just pure entertainment. They inundated me with life lessons. And they chose not to do it in a didactic or dogmatic way. They did in a blunt but straightforward way. It hits you where it has to and it enraptures you as and when the need arises. 

While watching Breaking Bad, I witnessed an eerie sense of satisfaction which is not often concomitant with entertainment. It's pretty much the same feeling I got while watching Inception or The Shawshank Redemption for that matter. When something that you never envisaged, but something that you can still savor so easily hits the screen, you just get smitten by it. Breaking Bad was the metamorphosis of a man's character, which turned from malleable to stolid, and from wrought to solid and in no time at all. It tells you time and again that every adversity is partially there and partially attributable to our inveterate habit of circumventing risks. We avoid trailblazing and we become victims of our own puritanical demeanor. Breaking Bad shows that how much we fear consequences instead of doing what we can do best. And while it obviously associates abrogation with the idea of breaking oneself free, in essence Breaking Bad tells you that one thing is all powerful to create stories worth telling. And it's your destiny. You can either be a recreant and take the all conservative path to your own fiefdom. Or you can break free and unlock the beast waiting inside. 

Now while Breaking Bad is over with Better Call Saul providing veracious fans with something to reminisce the good old Saul Goodman's vice wisdom, GoT is still up for grabs. But for some reason, despite a handful of people having suggested me to go and watch it, I'm not in for it yet. I know of the central theme and the leitmotif and I know I can't compare it with anything else without watching it. In fact I admire the overall idea as well. But something keeps telling me that what Breaking Bad had endowed me with is much more than just 5 seasons of wham bam and thank you mam kind of entertainment. Breaking Bad has told me that the only thing that can hold you back is the conjured layer of fear and apprehensions we create around our basic conscience. And despite all the spiels the GoT fans are rolling all around, something still remains amiss. While I definitely have to watch GoT and maybe I'll do it when the smuttiness around its fanfare has died, but for now, I feel like having another dose of Breaking Bad. So if you have a reason strong enough to convince me to change my decision, drop it in the comments section and we'll have a great conversation. And if yo haven't watched Breaking Bad yet, well you've no idea what you missed out on.

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