Thursday, 27 August 2015

Hardik Patel & the doom of India's so called demographic dividend!

Adolf Hitler may have been the world's most deplored tyrant but when it comes to the eligibility of a person to be involved in politics of any kind, his views and his verdict hold absolutely true and they do so till date. In his much touted and much loathed book Mein Kampf he states 30 to be the basic threshold by which an individual may still be a fledgling, but one who has a steady outlook and a basic set of facts and maxims to go by. So over the last couple of days amid the media jamboree on how a paltry 22 year old is going to lead a whopping 25 lacs in a mass revolution, I was from the very beginning led to believe that this is no more than another fatuous filthy propaganda as opposed to being a real revolution seeking some much needed change. And as it has turned out, the revolution has done nothing but torefying the very cities of those who protested. So while a large congregation having a cynical, waspish, truculent, obstreperous, wayward and whimsical leader is itself a little too ridiculous for anyone to believe in. the fact that these people are ready to resort to violence and contravention for a demand whose manifestation the apex court of the country prohibits, is a clear indication of a lack of a final objective. So as the Patel reservation rampage is headed towards a brutal decimation, but only post massive public loss, let us see where this urge to usurp a well functioning system came from. 

So is it this macho Mr. Patel with his reservation spiel the problem. No! So is it the revolting Patels the real issue. Definitely not! So should we attribute the incendiary attitude to their outrageous demands. Nope! Even the demand is right in the real sense. So, what is wrong exactly? Well, while the demand of the Patels is right, in the context of the constitution, it's all wrong. And while the protesting Patels(Most of the patels may not really be protesting in the first place, I believe!) have enunciated their demands knowing they are unconstitutional in the light of decreed provisions of the zenith legal authority, they expect their rights to be enshrined through a constitutional provision itself. This contradiction is the problem! 

In essence, a protest can be termed constitutional only when what it seeks in the end is permitted by the constitution in its current form. Hence protests can seek referendums, debates and what not. But for a protest in demand for something that'll evoke massive amendments in the constitution, it is outright blatant to expect the authorities to capitulate. It takes a long, steady and peaceful struggle for something like that to be accomplished. Cues can be taken from those revolutionaries and renegades who renounced their meals decades ago and who even now are dependent on other modes of nutrient intake for life. Hence a protest that demands something so radical has to be curbed at all costs. So whose fault is it that such a protest was put up at first place. Mr Hardik, the patels, the lethargic administration? Nope, none of them is responsible actually! 

Look a little deep and you'll find that the problem is a little too deep rooted to be ascribed to any one person or entity. The problem is in fact just an innuendo of the doom and debauchery the country's youth is headed towards.While the fact that ours is already the youngest country on the planet is ballyhooed and rhapsodized by almost everyone. The truth is that our growth shall never be able to provide the kind of employment and engagement opportunities that may encompass everyone. No matter how fast we'll grow, our population shall far exceed the rate at which our public infrastructure, our manufacturing and our overall social security nets will expand. So while India grows and the number of riches shall grow, the number of the deprived and depraved shall grow at a much larger rate. And while a slew of new schools and educational institutions may actually provide them education, most of even the educated cohort shall be left jobless tomorrow. And even otherwise, hitherto our growth has been rather fragile, mostly dependent upon smutty growth of services industry, when when left without a manufacturing sector to provide supplementary services for, shall collapse.

Now you'd wonder why I'm effing relating this upheaval to this long litany on the Indian future. Well, see those faces on TV when you see a large section of those protesters pelting stones on the police and getting their bodies withered in the response. You actually believe that someone in the right stead in their life would go on and jeopardize themselves like that. The mob is largely comprised of jobless youth, yet again misdirected by an opportunistic schmuck, who knows his revolution has no viable end, but who knows that using some of the means at his disposal, he can besmirch, malign and castigate a lot of top shots, and someone or the other would finally over a truce which will see him rise to power. This is pretty much what another ombudsman did in Delhi a couple of years ago. So while this newbie has a very bright future in the political realm, the millions who look upon this one single man for some respite in the form of that forlornly hope, topped with Rs 12 and a banana every single day, are tarrying around because even otherwise they had nothing to do! 

Before this post turns into a pleonasm, I'd just reiterate what I've said. This revolt is nothing but the first in a series of similar hapless and haphazard revolutions that we will keep witnessing in the days to come. It is in fact just an exordium of what shall happen. Look all around you even in the big cities. You'll find an umpteen number of able, educated and qualified individuals biting dust because the number of vacancies was too less, and most of them were reserved for some sect. So while this new revolution has demanded yet another reservation, with time there shall be no constitutional way forward for these people to get their catharsis. And we'll see more of such headless monsters that will take on public property and life, and which while on one hand shall give us trenchant and tenebruous politicians, and one the other hand a million unemployed youth who'll make everyone face the heat for their plight! So, let's welcome the future with open hands, because while people will suffer under a tremendous ordeal, who gives a damn now that this post is over?

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