Saturday, 3 October 2015

The power of a resilient passion.

There is something unique about having a passion for something.  While passion can be often confused with cravings, there is a very marked difference between the two. A craving is something you'd like to do, but not something your inner self deems as something you just ought to do. A craving has an attraction of its own and a craving of course can drag you to its own altar. But a passion is much more. A passion demands much more than a seldom gamboling around it. A passion is that seductress whose charms are so enchanting that once you surrender to her world where only her rules dictate, you know you might've just stepped into perdition. But yet you do that and yet you commit yourself.

The reason why I chose this topic is because after many years I once again bumped into one of the most phenomenal of all quotes to be ever bestowed upon human virtue. "Lovers, lunatics and poets are made of the same stuff". Bhagat Singh, one of the most remarkable of all freedom fighters, and no doubt a dunce in the kaleidoscope of this "sane, civilized and normal world", probably knew his fate pretty well ever since the day he forayed into the sultry sea of his passion - To regain India's long lost glory!

One thing about men who succumb to their passion is that they know how improbable it is for them to accomplish the task they set out for themselves. And despite the vicissitudes of an unforeseen world, and a nebulous future they're about to choose for themselves, they neither scrutinize nor peruse the path they eventually choose. Human conscience shall give you a plethora of examples of men playing it safe. But this coterie of peculiar and awkward men, seems to find sanity a little too scornful. And they merrily plunge into the abyss of an unseen world, knowing they may fail miserably, that they may end in dismay, and that even the last trace of their existence might perish under the drudgery of a world far more structured than these folks' thoughts are. And yet they do it ultimately.

Passion is both beneficial and could also be equally detrimental. The passion to make atoms dance to someone's tunes might result in therapies that can cure ailments for which remedies may not have even been conceived, or could culminate in a nuclear bomb in the hands of a tyrant whose would use it to further his oppression. Hence passion, when present in an individual, has to be guided properly. Passion also has to be nurtured because while passion never really dies out(Many examples of oldies who made it to the centrestage when their brethren were down and out), it certainly can be squandered.
In essence, passion is a tool, and an asset. Very seldom does a human being find what he or she is really passionate about. In fact in the current scenario just like professions are sought mainly on the basis of how lucrative the bounty of benefits is, passions too are chosen with a keen eye on the return. But in reality, passion isn't supposed to be viewed with such paltry considerations. Dedication to the passion is nowhere near an investment in yourself or your future. In fact a passion might very well eat away time in which you could've done much more. But that's what a passion is. Viewing it in the context of how humans normally behave with multiple logical and reasonable analyses will always weight against your passion, and heavily. And yet you may end up philandering with it. That's what a passion is!

And finally, to sum up all I wanted to say. A passion may or may not be resilient. A person changes with time. With time one garners more wealth, more friendships, more rivalries and most importantly -  more experiences. A person is function of all that goes in and all that comes out, with the function been routinely modified to reflect the most updated version one could be. And more often than not in this process, a passion takes the most severest cuts, just like education and health do in country's budgets. We tend to believe that as we assume more important roles in life, it's rational to divert from the passion and it's subversive to have more of it. But this is completely unfounded. Throughout our lives, irrespective of whatever it is that we amass, if there is one thing, and maybe the only one thing, that shall surely stay behind and might sustain the test of time. It is the artifacts arising out of our sheer resilient passion.

This country's freedom was a result of a handful of men's passion who believed freedom might be achieved even if they themselves were not around to witness it. The most successful corporations that have operated very well for generations now, all sprang out of some wise man's passion to change the world. Democracy and constitution have stayed because a small set of philosophers wanted to get over social debauchery and imagined a unique mankind inhabiting the planet 2000 years down the line. And last but not the least, Shakespeare's plays are still the bedrock of theater, primarily because he literally bred himself on his passion to regale the world. And so was the case with Mona Lisa's smile that continues to remain uncontested till date. Such is the power of a resilient passion! So, what's yours?

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