Sunday, 7 February 2016

The story of us: The byproduct of multiple genocides!

Look around yourselves today, and you're pretty sure to find at least one representation of the most important aspect of our living today - Institutions. Yes, you'll find them everywhere and you start seeing them right when you move out of your birth canal and catch a glimpse of the nurse, who actually is the oldest institution still going strong. From then it's the hospital, it's different divisions, the birth registration office, the ceremonial oblation,, the party your parents throw etc. All of that takes place under the purview of some institution or the other. In fact from your birth till your last breath, irrespective of how big a stoic of a loner you were, an institution stays with you. And while it ends with the registrar of births and deaths issuing a death certificate, some people are unfortunate to see their obituaries getting publishes through the institution of newspapers, and some have an even worse fate when a new institution like a charitable trust is established in their name. So they have to bear with the brunt of institutions even long after they're gone!

Now you might be wondering what is it that I, a seemingly cantankerous guy, has against institutions. Well, I just realized they're there to hide from us the most important truth that will never be told. That we are all successors of a lineage of murderers! Yes, you heard that right. And not only murderers, but ghastly and egregious mass murderers, who were none like the piddly murderers we put behind bars today, courtesy of another set of institutions. 

so here's how it is as it is today. About a good old 100000 years ago, evolution and natural order witnessed its most bizarre turn of events when Homo Sapiens - one of the many species of Homo(Humans) made its way to the top of the table. Many other species of our brethren existed - The Neanderthal man, Homo erectus, Homo Rudolfensis, Homo Soloensis and some other species whose remains are yet to be unearthed. In terms of our anatomical makeup, Homo Sapiens were far more inferior in front of all these species. But our brains and our societies had developed beyond any comparison, and so did our hunting skills and techniques, and our proclivity to form larger groups. And before one could catch a blink, Homo Sapiens spread across all continents inhabited by these other species that had existed for many millenia, and we knocked all of them out in no time at all! Yes, we wiped out race out of race in such an unbridled manner, that it won't be false to assume that all of us had at least one murderer whose progeny we are! 

While the other human species had their own set of customs and techniques of survival, they were no match for us. They all lived in small herds in small numbers and liked to hunt a few animals for survival and eat whatever plants that grew. But we brought with us the power of forming larger groups and better strategy. In fact the mammoths that had scared the other species for very long, were petrified when a band of 500 Homo Sapiens beleaguered them and drubbed them and took their meat and tusks to their own caverns. Homo Sapiens accelerated evolution from the genetic gear to the cognitive gear, and we simply couldn't stand the sight of our not so fortunate brothers from other species inhabiting this treasure of a planet alongwith us! 

There is clear cut evidence from DNA analysis that the human DNA has 4-5 percent of DNA borrowed from that of other human species! So yes, the rather formidable Homo Sapiens brigade did initially succumb to lovemaking with members of another species altogether(Oops, the institution of religion won't be impressed with this blasphemy we committed). But post a point of time when we'd grown profound enough to derive conceit from our supremacy, all other human species stood there as a testimony to our ├║gly' provenance, and these species in whatever numbers they existed also posed a threat to untrammeled Homo Sapiens expansion all over the world. So, being how powerful we were, the question whether to show amnesty or not rested with us. And before anyone realized the gravity of what we were about to do, the global bloodbath and the biggest ethnic cleansing had already commenced! 

Just like many centuries ago religions got drenched in the bloodshed of crusades, our ancestors were involved in a crusade to establish theirs as the only rightful human species. We expanded from East Africa, where we evolved for many thousands of years, and the progressed to Europe. Asia, Americas and Australia and resulted in the biggest genetic rampage nature ever witnessed. We knocked out all of that gene pool of the genus Homo, whose corporeal manifestations in the form of our not so impressive brothers didn't impress us. And so the genus Homo saw its constituent species getting reduced from at least 6, to just 1, and that's us - the all mighty, the all supreme and all powerful Homo Sapiens. 

Now fast forward to today, and you see how conveniently the institutions hide that truth. Religions preach peace and harmony, and yet religious chicanery breeds terrorists and fundamentalists who wreak the maximum havoc. Law and order tame criminals, but yet crime always stays on the rise and can never be usurped. Schools teach about doing good deeds and fitting into the society, but yet the biggest renegades and breakaways sustain school for many years and do what they always wanted to do - challenging the norms, or simply knocking them out. What does this all mean - We are eternal destroyers! 

Yes, just like our ancestors destroyed many species many years ago, and then our intermediate patriarchy destroyed nature for many years till we, the harbingers of industrial revolution took over to destroy everything further, we are destroyers by nature and disruption is our prime skill. All the institutions are there to hide from ourselves our prime trait - that we are fearless ruthless hunters who can knock down a brigade all on its own. But the institutions, be it religion, courts or schools, all tame it down because otherwise we all will become equal, and a few powerful people who did realize these powers won't be able to assert their suzerainty. 

An example of how surreal and sibylline our core instincts is was seen during the Nazi crusade on the Jews. At one point of time, even the most well to do and educated families and people of Germany had gone all guns out to extirpate the Jews off the planet. There is evidence of even 10 year olds taking on Jewish infants and relishing the dastardly sightings. We all are hunters, and that's our prime instinct. We hunted in groups and we took over nature's behemoths when we worked in teams. That's why even today the best knit teams win. Because a team of consultants who managed to close a billion dollar team today, might be composed of the direct descendants of a team of our hunter ancestors who managed to knock down a giant boar and took its skin and meat away!

We all are the byproduct of the biggest genocide to have ever taken place and some of our initial members didn't really bother about the chastity of ours as a species. We mingled with other species and the offspring were a result of what we would today term as unacceptable bonding. But we were free, we were equal and we were all willing to accept the fact that we were raw and that we were bad. And today, the institutions make us believe we are civilized and good doers, when in reality most of what we do is bad for nature. Even growing a plant, which comes across as a pretty innocuous thing, is a bad thing because natural evolution didn't give us the right to choose where a plant should be deployed. We actually bypassed natural evolution and hacked into the cognitive cosmos to endow ourselves with the power of where a plant should be planted and which species had a right to exist. 

We, Homo Sapiens(translation - the Wise Humans) can be termed wise only when we see how illicit our very history is, before we move on to the habit of terming things and actions as being good or being a taboo. We are all beasts, waiting to get a chance top show our true selves, but held under really strong reigns and bounds by a handful of our own brothers, who utilized their core instincts and realized that they can rule by keeping us from realizing our own true selves and nature, and hence keeping equality at bay. But it doesn't matter how good we feel about our cultivated manners, our good professions, our vegetarianism or about our rightful choice on sex, truth is we all have some DNA that we got because of "sacrilegious sex", and that we all had at least one direct ancestor who killed at least one Human being! Yes, that's what we are! Can you handle it now?

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