Socrates gave us a dictum that we can blindly follow for the rest of our lives. "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing". Our lives can become ridiculously hackneyed if we drop our avarice for venturesomeness. We ought to try, we ought to fail, but most importantly, we ought to plunge in because doing so, in a way, commemorates the indelible veracity vested in the very concept of human life. This blog is another genuine attempt at delving deep within the collective human conscience to manumit the plethora of nuggets that lay deep within, embodied in our own set of virtues and ramblings. So, the posts, as you may easily notice, follow no set patterns. We've simply tried to let the underlying concept or truth emanate itself so that it becomes conspicuous and hence accessible. There is no definite purpose behind compiling this potpourri, but maybe there is indeed a palpable compulsion or an impetus which drives the creation and composition and which further drives us to keep going. Disavowed is neither a paradigm, nor a means of renegade. Disavowed is what we believe is the sole source of reprise that lay within all of us, kept at abeyance by the forces of wisdom, but one which often surfaces when the atmosphere is conducive to delirium or rebellion. Disavowed is not a way of being obstinate, unconventional, grotesque or eccentric. It's simply the way you live your lives in the most undeterred and unrestrained way. So, hop on and enjoy.