Unsung heroes initiative.

We along with all our partner blogs in the coven, have decided to roll out this ambitious drive to showcase the heroics of those impeccable individuals who've done something absolutely phenomenal but something that still didn't meet the eye. Be it a local vigilante who now helps keep the polity and bureaucracy's whims and follies in check, or be it a selfless individual who lives as an ascetic but is doing something that makes their locality thrive. We're now all ears to the tales of any such individuals whose stories can't remain cooped and sequestered anymore, and now need to go out and get encore and plaudit from everyone. While we, as individual blogs, have pretty paltry and meager reading bases, as a group we can spur quite a sensation by letting these stories of valor, ingenuity and self-abnegation reach out to those who'll be inspired and motivated to make it big themselves. We promise full length features on any individuals whose heroics and glorious deeds we are apprised of in sufficient detail and we also promise an ample amount of coverage for your efforts of reaching out to us to be paid off in full. So, what you're waiting for? The world needs heroes and we're all in for it! Reach out to us either on mail or by commenting/posting through the G+ tab below. 

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