Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lets start anew, lets start afresh

So finally, I decided to end my wait for this year's admission process of various mba institutes and to start preparation for next year's CAT. I was offered a few seats here and there but a lot of people told me that my worth is more than that.However, the real question in front of me was - can I score that good a %ile again ? Yes, its quite a tough job when you have quite a lot of odds stacks against you but its in our nature to oversee dangers and see what lies beyond them - hope. This phase made me learn that all that you need to take decisions as tough and as crucial as these, is motivation and guidance, and both of them come from the other social entities that you have acquainted since your birth. This time made me realize that men can walk alone only in books and for taking up the challenges of real life, you need to have a lot of people criticizing you and appreciating you at every point of time. Without them, your life is a pulp-less mango.So with this glimmer of hope and lots of dreams and aspirations, I have started preparing for CAT, yet again. May god be with me and may my destiny see to it that I reach it on time.


Some say its better to stay away from it and some say if you haven't taken any risks in your life, you probably didn't have any life. I agree with the latter. Risks are what make our lives unpredictable, enjoyable and surprising. Not only they add these elements to life, they also ensure that we keep learning with everything we do. So applicable the last statement is. As long as you continue living your life in a plain and dull fashion, you may very well be on route to success but you miss out on learning things that may be needed in future. If learning is a continuous process, risk is the element which induces learning and induces it in a manner that ensures that you actually end up learning.Yes, consequences of choosing a risky path instead of one that's known to us can indeed be detrimental but they can also transform your life and deliver success that you never anticipated. Life is full of chances and opportunities and going by law of probabilities, risking everything is not at all recommended. Instead, decision of taking a risk should be coupled with some thoughtful analysis of the consequences. If the mind says that its worth taking the risk, we should never hesitate in taking it. Its these risks the bring the juice in our lives and change us. And as always, change is necessary for sustaining on this planet.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ah ! This Weather..

For a guy like me who is riding a ship of doubts in a sea of dilemmas, there's nothing better than a weather as refreshing as this. The rains kinda bring a freshness and a sandy fragrance with them - something which no air freshener in the world can match. I always take rains as a signal from nature to move ahead and rejoice what's there to be rejoiced. Rains and pleasant sandstorms fill me with energy and enthusiasm that's enough to keep me charged up for a day or two. What amazes me the most though, is nature's ploy to impress you with overcast when even in your dreams you wouldn't have expected it. Love is what we ought to give our nature in return to its services and what we give back is barbarism.  I guess we would be late in realizing the value of nature and we would have done irrecoverable damage to the only hope that we are left with. Getting back on the weather, it seemed to me like a kind of reward for our minute efforts symbolized by today's being the Environmental Day.To sum up, I just have to say I would have never expected such a pleasant and lovely spell of showers amidst these scorching summers. If its a gift to me, I accept it with grace. If its a request to me, I ought to do my bit.

Who is God ?

It happens on quite a lot of occasions that we get pissed off from our situation and start questioning the existence of god. We not only dispose the faith we had in him for years but we also try to challenge our own beliefs and of course, the beliefs of others who tell us god is good.However, what we actually question in these circumstances is ourselves because neither god nor his worshipers can force you to believe in him. It was us at the first place who decided to believe in his existence and it was us who decided to thank him for what he bestows and request him for what we need. So if suddenly some day, we decide to question god's existence, we are actually questioning our own conscience and our own decision making abilities that assisted us when we entrusted upon god for the very first time. One can never be sure of an entity's existence unless he has witnessed the entity itself. But god is just like the time travel machines that are never made but are in the books, and those species which are supposed to be there but never seen, and those elements which are there in periodic table but never found, and those particles for which the scientists working at CERN are looking for. God is just a concept whom we've never seen and whom we believe to be there. It is this very belief that guides us on the route to god's discovery and its this very route where some end up succeeding and some end up failing.Its not god who guides us but its our path towards attainment of god that does it. Hence whether we believe in god or not, all of us are chasing and looking out for some concept. The concept which some call god and some call fate.

Monday, 4 June 2012

What is that I need ?

Is it love or is it life ? Quite often I get in this dilemma as to what do I exactly need at this point of time. I have lots of years to live and a lot to show but at this moment I feel like a rotten pumpkin. I wouldn't have said that but I would as I feel that way. So to get that feeling away I wish if I had a partner. A partner can give you solace and take all your tensions away from you but, at this very point of time, can I afford to lose a track of those tensions ? Well, why in the world would I need them if I have a partner. Maybe, because they will guide me and make me a man or maybe because they will tell me what to do. However, the partner on the other hand would ensure that I live peacefully at this moment. So what is it that I need. Hard to say, really hard ! If you go by what a man's gotta do, I should do something to let them know of my worth. I should actually take those tensions with me and let them mould me to make me something. On the other hand though, as a human being, you ought to enjoy your life to the fullest as you don't know when it gets over. But I shall chose the first way and go on with my life the way it goes because even otherwise, I won't get a partner, unless I have achieved something in my life. Crazy times, I can say. Life is testing and I'm ready for it.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

My confrontations with myself

Maybe the reason why I write this post on a new blog even though I have another blog with a few readers is that I myself am not aware of how true I am, to even myself, while writing this. They say a man gets a taste of everything with time. He gets a taste of success, a taste of failure and a taste of celebration and remorse that follows his successes and failures respectively.However, as a life drowns itself into a never ending sea of dilemmas, you tend to forget the logic you use for demarcating the different emotions. All emotions amalgamate and make you ask yourself for what you want to consider them as. You have no idea what goes in your life and all you have in your mind is questions.The turn of events lands you in a place where the future,as always, is unpredictable and neither introspection nor retrospection gives you an idea of what you should do.

If you dare say hardwork solves all problems like said by a ton of philosophers, you disregard the fact that man never runs from it. A man tries his level best to get out of this mess by doing whatever he can. But what is needed is the courage to go that "extra mile". In the journey you take up, you are never aware of your distance from the destination unless you have been there before. Consequently, you never know how far you are from that "extra mile". Once a man reaches that extra mile, he may use full throttle to move ahead, but how would he know he is there ? That is just one question that you, if you were in that situation, would ask.

To be very honest, no one can answer questions which a man asks himself because if the man himself is not aware of the answers well, who else would be.A question I would ask myself on any day is "Where am I heading ?". If I try and figure out the pattern of my life, I will lose track at a point of time. In fact, if there were a time till where I could say I would be content with my progress, it was till the time I was an infant. Afterwards, everything just happened randomly. Yes, you have structures with you going from school to college to job but is that what you actually intended to do? Is that what you were born to do ? Was that the purpose of your life ? Or is it that you life has any purpose at all ? 

As I said, all that man will have in his mind is questions. Questions, whose answers are hard to find.Albeit life has a purpose and that's why you are born, the prime purpose of life is to find the main purpose that helps you shape as an individual and makes your life more meaningful.Can I, being the "man" in this post, find that purpose ? That's another question I asked ! Well, the only truth about life is that it will either tick or either stop. So before mine life decides to stop, I shall once again gather courage and set out again in search of that purpose. A search for a justification for my own existence !