Sunday, 3 June 2012

My confrontations with myself

Maybe the reason why I write this post on a new blog even though I have another blog with a few readers is that I myself am not aware of how true I am, to even myself, while writing this. They say a man gets a taste of everything with time. He gets a taste of success, a taste of failure and a taste of celebration and remorse that follows his successes and failures respectively.However, as a life drowns itself into a never ending sea of dilemmas, you tend to forget the logic you use for demarcating the different emotions. All emotions amalgamate and make you ask yourself for what you want to consider them as. You have no idea what goes in your life and all you have in your mind is questions.The turn of events lands you in a place where the future,as always, is unpredictable and neither introspection nor retrospection gives you an idea of what you should do.

If you dare say hardwork solves all problems like said by a ton of philosophers, you disregard the fact that man never runs from it. A man tries his level best to get out of this mess by doing whatever he can. But what is needed is the courage to go that "extra mile". In the journey you take up, you are never aware of your distance from the destination unless you have been there before. Consequently, you never know how far you are from that "extra mile". Once a man reaches that extra mile, he may use full throttle to move ahead, but how would he know he is there ? That is just one question that you, if you were in that situation, would ask.

To be very honest, no one can answer questions which a man asks himself because if the man himself is not aware of the answers well, who else would be.A question I would ask myself on any day is "Where am I heading ?". If I try and figure out the pattern of my life, I will lose track at a point of time. In fact, if there were a time till where I could say I would be content with my progress, it was till the time I was an infant. Afterwards, everything just happened randomly. Yes, you have structures with you going from school to college to job but is that what you actually intended to do? Is that what you were born to do ? Was that the purpose of your life ? Or is it that you life has any purpose at all ? 

As I said, all that man will have in his mind is questions. Questions, whose answers are hard to find.Albeit life has a purpose and that's why you are born, the prime purpose of life is to find the main purpose that helps you shape as an individual and makes your life more meaningful.Can I, being the "man" in this post, find that purpose ? That's another question I asked ! Well, the only truth about life is that it will either tick or either stop. So before mine life decides to stop, I shall once again gather courage and set out again in search of that purpose. A search for a justification for my own existence !

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