Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Who is God ?

It happens on quite a lot of occasions that we get pissed off from our situation and start questioning the existence of god. We not only dispose the faith we had in him for years but we also try to challenge our own beliefs and of course, the beliefs of others who tell us god is good.However, what we actually question in these circumstances is ourselves because neither god nor his worshipers can force you to believe in him. It was us at the first place who decided to believe in his existence and it was us who decided to thank him for what he bestows and request him for what we need. So if suddenly some day, we decide to question god's existence, we are actually questioning our own conscience and our own decision making abilities that assisted us when we entrusted upon god for the very first time. One can never be sure of an entity's existence unless he has witnessed the entity itself. But god is just like the time travel machines that are never made but are in the books, and those species which are supposed to be there but never seen, and those elements which are there in periodic table but never found, and those particles for which the scientists working at CERN are looking for. God is just a concept whom we've never seen and whom we believe to be there. It is this very belief that guides us on the route to god's discovery and its this very route where some end up succeeding and some end up failing.Its not god who guides us but its our path towards attainment of god that does it. Hence whether we believe in god or not, all of us are chasing and looking out for some concept. The concept which some call god and some call fate.

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