Tuesday, 21 August 2012

5 Messages A Day Keep Riots Away !

The very title of this post should be enough to let you know what it points towards. I or you shouldn't have a lot of problems with being able to send only 5 messages per day, but its imbibes in itself a larger prospect. The prospect which suggests that we are more or less powerless in the current times. Well, what else to expect when the country's top leadership itself is also suffering from that phenomenon. They'd block websites, they'd block messaging services but they'd not even once warn a stubborn but "nothing in front of us" opponent that our armies are ready to obliterate them at a single command.They'd ask you to do every possible thing to improve the situation but the question is if they themselves do anything about it. Either our leadership is too reluctant to act because of fear or they are in the perception that doing so is going to dent their vote banks. If its the former, they need to know that in every war we fought, we lost some, but we never lost as many as we are losing everyday because of not shuddering our enemy. And if its the latter, they should know that this is perhaps their last term ever.

Its not only about this very thing where its proven that the power which was once in our hands is quickly slipping away from it, there are tonnes of other examples.They won't let you protest saying that you're not supposed to protest in a manner that jolts violence, even if it doesn't. They won't let you say your word because they sense your word to go against them. They won't let you get plenty of opportunities because the number of opportunities already were just half of what was needed and half of what we had were also taken away because govt believes someone needs them more than you.They always want you to pay your taxes but instead of paying theirs, they'd steal yours and add them to their ever increasing bank balances.And last but not the least, they'd not let your man become the President because he was never a part of their party. Horrible !

They never do what they're supposed to do but they'd always want you to do what is considered to be your duty. Fundamental duties are as strong as they can get but directive principles and fundamental rights seem to get omitted. Its better time when we understand that we're not puppets and its better time that they understand that we're living beings. Blocking messages and blocking sites may help, but what may help more would be to hang Kasab and Afzal because its their ever elongating lives that fuel hope in ISI camps and its the delay in their death sentence which takes our spirit from us. For how long are we going to watch the scene as mere spectators. Saying that we're ready for any situation as we always say is not going to affect anything. Its better time when we fire a missile or two and tell them that our Agni is indeed a billion times more powerful that their useless and cynical Hakv. Indira did it and so did Atal. Yes, we lost a lot of lives and property but at least we started living with some pride and peace again. A delay in action is a clear-cut symbol of your unwillingness to react and that's all your opponent needs. But what we need is not a 5 message a day rule but a strong and sturdy governance that has a leader whose words itself are more impacting that a missile.