Saturday, 4 August 2012

How much can a man take ?

I'm blogging after days but I have enough to say. I started this project by virtue of my being a disappointed ,bewildered and an abetted soul. With time, I've realized that my situation has got much more to it than this. Although I've no full time readers yet I ought to share it with someone and while writing this blog, I share it with my sub-conscience, which may either approve of it or disavow it.Mine is a case of a man who dreams of things and who himself knows that he doesn't have enough firepower to realize them. Its not that I won't try but I guess my dreams are backed by the success of those who preceded me and inspired me and I guess the conditions that were amply ripe at their times have been clobbered by the cynics of a bureaucracy that has literally conquered every other structure.Yes, we've got too many participants be it anything but a guy with mettle should have no problems with it. The problem is with those who have their so called references and jacks.

Today, one asks the question that why are there so many intelligence failures in India or why are there so many infrastructure collapses or why are there so many foolish tactical steps that are taken by some of the top notch organizations. Well, what else would you expect from a nation that distributes opportunities on the basis of your caste than on the basis of your merit or your financial condition.But that is just one thing to it. The other thing is rooted in our beliefs that a guy with more experience ought to be better. Yes, experience is better but only when you need it. Fitting an experienced guy everywhere would help you sustain but would never let you grow.But why am I telling all this when I myself am the only one to hear.

Anyways, getting back to the point.Its basically about the limits of a man, his perseverance, his will to try unorthodox things even after knowing that a blemished hierarchy won't accept his beliefs, his efforts that he knows are going to go unnoticed.In fact ours is a nation where even after winning, you can be termed a loser. "Haar Ke Jeetne wale ko baaizagar kehte hain" may be less applicable than "Jeet Ke haarne wale ko common man kehte hain". So the question is how much can this common man take ? How much can he take after being deprived of half of his opportunities immediately after birth just because he was born as a general category guy ? How much can a man take after being humiliated for dreaming very high ? How much can a man take for being answerable to every mistake that he commits, no matter how small it may be ? How much can a man take who has to apologize even when he was not the culprit ? How much can a man take when his career has become more important than his life ? How much can a man take when he has already taken all this. How much can a man take when he has already been disavowed? 

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