Monday, 6 August 2012

Rajnikant a.k.a God

Its not for no reason that Rajnikant is considered to be as powerful as, if not more powerful than, god in some sects and areas. Rajnikant, who apparently is the real reason behind the origin of universe and everything, can neither be created nor destroyed. Rajnikant can only change forms from one to another and he does it at such a tremendous pace, that he is virtually everywhere. His enigma results from this particular phenomenon and all the unusual things that are observed in his presence(or even in his absence, for that matter), can be attributed to the same. Stephen Hawking may never like it but some scientists have apprehended by a keen observation and analysis of some superficial yet enthralling events and some cosmic events as well, that Rajnikant can even travel faster than light.Although finding a real life proof of his prowess can be a very tedious task due to his enormous dynamics, but a look at his Facebook wall clarifies and bears a testimony of him being a superhuman. Rajnikant, who is somewhat shy and never likes to get his real identity come out in the open, keeps his life private, but he forgot to change the status of his Facebook posts from "public" to "private". Damn! Facebook. But its certainly a good thing for us. So come with us as we peep into his social life and get a glimpse of what Rajnikant is all about.

A Snapshot of Rajnikant's Facebook Wall

Link to his complete wall 

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