Saturday, 4 August 2012

What exactly is the God particle ?

A few days ago, I posted something on who is god but CERN's revelations and their achievements on finding the source of everything - the origin of the universe, has compelled me to commend them and present a proof to assist an argument in favor of their prowess. CERN went out to find if Higgs Boson, which apparently is the first particle produced in the universe and the reason why we all are here, actually exists. And now they claim that they have found it. In one way or the other, this is a proposition that says that there were no magical powers of god that did the trick but it was science that resulted in us and in the universe.

However, the only question to be asked was if CERN had actually found it.They did not reveal the particle or any other specs about it that could put suspicions on the credibility of the project run away, and this raised doubts in the minds of even the most hardened supporters of science.Apparently, CERN did find the particle and there were no questions about the truth of this fact, but something anomalous prevented them from making the complete finding public.CERN were very active on Facebook and were posting every development regarding the coveted god particle until something unexpected happened. We've luckily grabbed a copy of their then Facebook wall. Here is a small section of the wall and the complete wall can be found at the link below.We have to say that the last post on their wall is very very astonishing !

Link To complete Wall -

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