Sunday, 16 September 2012

The trance called "Life"

For the larger part of my life that I've lived till now, I failed to realize the importance of external agents in the carving of my destiny. Be it giving a shot at a dramatics performance or be it giving an attempt at a coveted medical entrance examination, my estimates on the futility or adept of the conditions were always wrong. When I expected myself to fail, I succeeded and whenever I anticipated seeing myself grabbing a reward, I was mocked and vanquished. And when I tried to analyze why it didn't go the way it should have gone, I always had one answer to attribute this to. The answer was I missed out on counting the influence which my own life had to play on itself.

Yes, life indeed is a self controlling phenomenon, something that the antics would never believe in but something that affirms of its presence and validity, again and again. Our failures, as we see them, may not be failures at all in the eyes of our life. Perhaps the only purpose which our lives sort to, is to make us meet our destinies. Life, as ripe as it is, still lacks the prowess and pervasiveness that it takes to influence our universe in larger and more visible ways. So it chooses to make others influence ours instead of just letting the, regain control on theirs.

That's how it all works. When we move ahead as a premature civilization or even as a full fledged society, the more inherently we imbibe ourselves in the system, the more we allow it to influence us. The system directly influences just a part of us, but the actors of the system have a big role to play in our lives. For us to consider ourselves as a one man army, as an agent of change, it may not devour the history, but its certainly not a very likely thing to happen.For your life transfers control of itself in hands of those who are in position to either control it directly or to influence it in those umpteen indirect ways. With your boss changing your life's schedules to the success of your role model changing the course of your life, the agents of change have acted before you could know and the agents of change did not include you.

For you being a mere prospect whose own life is not under his/her own control for the substantial part of your life, what else to expect than a morbid state of affairs. But that is not to be. You may still have some control over your life and at least from a surface point of view its pretty much evident. But much of your impact comes from the way in which you can induce changes or transformations in some other person as an individual or a society as a whole. This is the real gateway for you to leave your mark. The chances you had to change your own life may not impact a lot but for yourself. But the chances you get to change the world, ought to be grabbed with open arms.

Ever wondered why some men seem so enigmatic and so futuristic that they seem to have come from a different planet or some different timeline. The reason is their capability to map their own lives with the lives of others. And in a never ending attempt of whimsical yet multitudinous efforts, they are ultimately able to join the dots and plot the graph which would later on turn out to be a solution not only for their own problems but for the problems of the world. They use life not just as a means of living it but as a means for bringing a change so powerful and so everlasting that the lives of others couldn't help but to feel and implement these changes in themselves.

All in all, it was life that turns out to be the real winner and not you. But life never complains in you getting to take all of the credit because life needs no credit, it just needs a setting to manifest itself and its powers. And for yours having provided it with that environment, life welcomes you like it never did before. Life just waits for you to let it in and when you do that, it has its own barrage of mysteries,coincidences,tales,love,emotions and events that last for more than you. Irrespective of how big you make it, your life always stands bigger and taller than you. You may say that you changed your life but you actually helped it in going the way it should have. Any change you perceive as being a change, was not a change but just another milestone that life needed to confirm its progress. For it being so mystical and so everlasting, it would be foolish if we let it take the mawkish root and not allow it to flourish by letting it continue on its route of bloom and blushes. Life indeed is the most spectacular thing you're ever likely to come across in your lives. Its special, its freakish but its still adorable and miraculous. Let it grow and let it bloom. And just enjoy the performance of a trance called "Life".

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  1. And life it is...I think neither we or it fails us, we just think a lot. We should rather enjoy it. About failures, however superficial it may sound, it is a learning experience...