Friday, 16 November 2012

Unfathomable Love: My entry for the Get Published contest

Can love be so strong that it transcends the rigid bounds and barriers of logic? Can love be so strong that it defies what's conventional and makes principles dance to its tunes ? Can love be so strong that it postpones what's inevitable ? Love is indeed strong but is it so strong that it keeps the usual cycle of life and death at temporal abeyance ? Lieutenant VS Pratap, who was recently married to Kamini, his childhood love, was an able army officer. One who was known for his unshakable courage,his enigmatic valor and his gregarious nature. Kamini, on the other hand, was the perfect partner for someone who serves the army. The daughter of an army man himself, Kamini was aware of the intricacies and the realities that delve the life of men who chose to live for the nation.

In fact, ever since Kamini had thought of her marriage, she thought of marrying an army man. One whose very existence has a lot to say for itself. Pratap, though, never really wanted to be in the army. His only dream was to become a doctor - something his grandfather dearly wanted him to be. And his other, and perhaps more important dream, was to marry Kamini. Having stayed at just a distance of 4 blocks away from each other, they were very close chaps since their very childhood. And with time, the friendship continued growing more intimate. Kamini joined a local arts college and Pratap failed to clear the medical entrance. He tried in the army, and for him being a fit and aware man, he easily cleared all rounds. Though he was not sure if he'd actually join the army or not, he was always ready to propose Kamini as an army officer. So, the next thing he did after getting a final merit list that contained his name, was proposing Kamini the offer of being the soul mate of an army officer.He did this straightaway without taking any repercussions into consideration. Kamini was rather bewildered but given her deep rooted desideratum of an army man as a husband, she was indeed happy. But guess what, she took it a little too seriously.

She started to feel the intensity of their yet to burgeon relationship. The informal intimacy started transforming into a formal love. Kamini started getting more and more interested in Pratap. Pratap,clueless, thought that he should perhaps let this grow. After all, Kamini was the only girl he ever liked. But on one fine day, Kamini declared to her parents that Pratap, who was about to join the army, is the only man she'd ever like to marry.  Both Pratap and Kamini's parents were in a nerve jabbing state. Her parents perhaps had different ideas, but the mere prospect of letting his daughter marry someone like him did entice her father. But Pratap was actually baffled. He now had to chose one amongst his love and amongst his life. If he tells Kamini that he was not going to join the army, she'd perhaps shut all doors for him. If he joins the army, he'll not only have a respectable life, but he'll also have the girl he always wanted. The choice was easy !

After the newly wed couple could spend a mere 6 days with each other, Lieutenant Pratap received a telegram which contained orders for him to be back to his camp in Manipur in 4 days. Pratap, dedicated to the nation's service ever since he joined the army, had no option but to leave. Given the periods for which army men normally stay away from home, one good thing for the couple to know was that this was a temporary posting that was to last for just 1 month. Pratap kept calling her from the camp. And on the 25th day he said, "Need to go uphill for reconnaissance with the team. Will be out of communication for 2-3 more days. May be directly sent to the base camp after the ops get over. Will see you then.Maybe this is the last phone call". Kamini replied, "Stupid, you mean last phone call before you come back." Pratap replied,"Does it make any difference ?". She said that it did. She further added that she has become acquainted with some new recipes in the meanwhile and will have some good cuisine for Pratap when he gets back.He joked, "I'd prefer to die than to eat it. Okay ! Gotta go now. Ops commencing. Will be back, Bye sweetheart.". She replied in a conspicuously faint voice, "Bye." This did indeed prove to be his last phone call but will he come back ?

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This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


  1. Tushar, to be eligible, kindly include the end note with proper link as per contest rules. Please check them out.

    1. Hi Yashodhara, I've included the end note and have also appended that requisite description in the title. I apologize for missing out on these aspects earlier. Do let me know if anything else is needed on my behalf..

  2. Love gets that strong sometimes that it crosses the barriers of logic!

    Voted for you. Please read mine and see if it rings a bell in your head and kindly vote.

    1. Thanx for voting on my story.. Read urs and I must say the pretext is really intriguing..Looking forward to reading the complete version..