Monday, 27 May 2013

For I was ForeverAlone yet again

This is a short poem written with the intent of submission to Thewhitescape's 110 CC blogging drive. Here's the link to it - 110 CC(Creative Challenge).

This time, their theme was "cheating". So, here goes my 110 word creation around the same.

For I was ForeverAlone yet again

For as she leapt again,

Her pristine eyes cajoling my senses,

Her mellifluous lines evangelizing my perpetuity,

Her sumptuous aroma lay there to be savored,

Her voluptuous possessions lay there to be bequeathed,

For as I glanced through her face,

It made me wary again,

For a bond that seemed so quixotic,

For a bond that seemed so mendacious.

Was now a bond manifested in reality,

For I devoured that sacrosanct moment,

For I devoured that ephemeral bliss which was to last forever,

And just then the alarm clock rung again,

For my gradual upliftment hung again,

On my dreams I'll never bet again,

For I was ForeverAlone yet again.

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