Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The girls with the curls.

Ever since I've acquired the conscience needed to distinguish different looks from each other, I've developed this proclivity of being attracted towards girls with the curls. I am never able to fathom the veracity of this attraction but it has always been with me. In one way or the other, I can safely say that curls, according to me, are the natural way for girls to style their hair. However, as I retrospect, it can be linked to specific instances where girls with curls succeeded in impressing me. Be it a crush way back in standard 5 or be it the burgeoning affection felt just a few years back, all these girls had curls in common. So just like it is with every other boy of my age, even I've envisaged the portrait of a girl who for me would serve as the quintessential  beauty. And not surprisingly, this girl too had curls to her kitty.

So as it turns out, curls are what a girl needs to have in her quiver to you know, engross me. Having said that curls, according to me, can also be used by girls to leave a statement. Maintaining curls may be a predicament in itself but curly hair have a symbolism and a cult about them. Be it the curls that last from the top to bottom, or be it the natural curls or be it the curls that are done at the ends of the braids. Curls are the epitome of enigma. With curls, her hair will not only look more fluffy and say ,bouncy, it will also foster an air of intrigue around her personality. One thing is that curls are the exact opposite of orthodoxy. So when you flaunt curls, you are obviously making your presence felt in the cohort of the style frenzy. But, the other more important thing is that curls have always been associated with certain priced women.

When Preity Zinta entered Bollywood, one of her usps was her dimples, which till date no other actress could beat. But her other and more flummoxing strength, was her curls. That was explicitly mentioned in star magazines so it signifies that curls, are very attractive indeed. Apart from making a girl look unorthodox, curls also make a girl look luscious. The kind of manner in which curls tangle with each other, they also seem to entangle and evangelize the viewer. Curls do that because they seem to bring an amount of opulence with them. They kind of make their presence felt amongst the clutter of other multitude of styles. Why curls have this propensity, it's a little hard to tell, but curls have been very successful in this avenue.

Now, it's time to look at the other aspect which makes curls so very coveted, shall I say. If a girl poses in curls, it kind of refrains her appearance from asserting anything. It simply means that she is a mystery that is yet to be solved, or a cryptex that is yet to be unlocked. Just like the curls are tangled and are assuming wayward directions amongst themselves, the girl who dons curls, has a free flow in her life but there is a mystery about her looks. It becomes a little hard to acquaint yourself with what she feels about you and what she hides in herself. It becomes even more troublesome to question this kind of a girl because her looks in themselves seem to be posing a plethora of questions. To cut a long story short, girls in curls can be as befuddling as a girl can ever get. Kangna Ranaut, for as long as she garnered her natural curls, identifies with this prospect.



And last, but not the least, curls are about pure class. Someone once told me that curls are not commonplace because 1, not everyone is able to keep them and 2, they don't look apposite on everyone. Hence, curls are for the chosen girls or it's more about how certain girls choose curls above everything else, to mesmerize everyone. Hence once a girl chooses curls, she inculcates an element of rarity in her persona. One straight indication from this is that she prices herself, which is quite as good but she also openly declares her mission to look awesome. It will take some perspicaciousness to grasp this one but it actually means that the girl is now ready to open the floodgates and let her gorgeousness fill the sea of eternity. She is no longer ready to stay bound to the paltry forces of convention, but she wants to let herself come out. Kate Winslet's looks from Titanic are a perfect example of what I was trying to elucidate.

So, as it turns out, I don't know that much about styles or hairstyles, for that matter. But since in case of girls, boys shall be the judge, a girl in curls can easily make her exquisiteness felt in a single appearance. In one way or the other, the curls speak for her and articulate her emotions better than her words, if there were to be any. So for me, curls should be the ramp-ready hair style for any girl. Now leaving it to the experts in hair care to tell you more about the various hairstyles.

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  1. Totally opposite to your profession.. ;p
    Well...written post..nice captions given to curls and girls. You love love curly girls..interesting.

    1. haha. Yep, it was a total departure from what one would consider my niche, but I was kinda compelled to write something on that domain because the perks up for the contest were somewhat lucrative. And now, your comment serves a testimony to the fact that the post isn't that bad, at the end :P

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