Saturday, 15 June 2013

I & My Seven Ages

When I posted my WeChat chronicles on Future Perfect, I tried to capture an instinct which was ephemeral and elusive. A scintilla that couldn't be downplayed and which deserved to be portrayed. This time, I'm going to use WeChat, the stunning new way to connect, in an altogether different manner. This one has got more to do with sheer retrospect and contemplation and if I could ever do what I make an honest attempt to articulate in my following staccato ramblings, I'd feel a kind of replenishment and a kind of jibe that shall enlighten the rest of my existence.

Technology and specifically the modes of communication that it has bequeathed upon us, have often being used for purposes that seemed more than palpable. In certain cases the use was somewhat out of track and in certain cases the use was predominantly unpredictable. The maxim used in all of them was more or less the same. What if a mode of communication could reach beyond the obvious and could accomplish the impossible. 13B is a quintessential example of what I'm talking about. Initially the spirits used television as a medium to circulate their message to the family of the protagonist, and towards the very end of the movie, a cell phone was used for the aforementioned purpose. So, what if I too get a chance of connecting with some reticent physically inexistent subject. I was enthralled by this concept and that's what this post circulates around.

I'm not adamant on connecting with spirits and all because I'm neither subversive and nor am I impervious to the trepidation that shall follow if such an incident ensues. But the idea still doesn't falter here. I can still connect with something that is not scary and is still evasive. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the most apt conjecture to introduce the ones whom I'd connect with.

I'm pretty much certain you all must have read and enjoyed William Shakespeare's The Seven Ages of Man at some point or the other in your life. The masterpiece puts forth the seven inadvertent and inevitable phases of any man's life. Right from the inception of his incarnate to the very event of his life's consummation. The poem described it all in its charming and mellifluous chimes. So, as it turns out, a man's got seven ages and seven phases to deal with. All of them with their intricacies. According to the dictum, I'm somewhere between the 3rd and 4th, so I express my wish and volition to connect with the ages I've already surpassed and those which I'm yet to witness. If I ever get a chance to chat with certain improbable contenders in a WeChat group, it'll be these 7 visages of my own.

Age 1 : The Toddler

One might find it hard to fathom why one would like to connect to an age and period of one's life where one knew nothing and one couldn't even communicate. There is actually something intriguing that we possess in each and every one of these phases. When I was an infant, I was gigantically dependent on others. I was dependent on my parents and on every hand that held me.I had to make copious innocent eyes to indicate that I'm hungry, had to extend my arms towards everyone to indicate that I'm feeling soporific and I had to depend on others to teach how to sit, how to crawl and eventually how to walk. In short, this is one phase that was characterized with a sheer penchant for dependence. However, it was also the time when I felt more protected. Like an initial whip in a cocoon. In the scabbard of my parents and my concierges, I was priced for my nascence. I was in a way more protected and safe from sabotage than even a VIP with Z level security. My very weakness of being dependent on others was also an advantage in other ways. I wasn't responsible for my own well being. I was being nurtured and taken care of in a 100% takeover manner. Hence I had no responsibility towards my own self and who'd care when there are so many stalwarts to look after you. I'd like to connect with that phase to witness that enigma and that impregnable wall in which was vested my importance.

Age 2: The School Boy

And as time passed by, I assumed my next role. I grew up and was now a boy all set to attend the first formal school of my life. Like every school boy, I too was one who was reluctant to leave the indispensable luxuries of home. I was afraid to talk and was hopelessly laconic in the beginning, and eventually I became the most loquacious elements of my class. I was shy and yet I was so turgid that I manifested the vagaries of primordial education in all apparent ways. I was a quick learner like many a boy of my age. Agile, quick to adapt to new avenues, always hungry to explore something new. I was also very convivial and the usual Joie De Vivre. I had an alacrity that was unmatched. If I need a reason to revisit and recede to a phase of my life, this is the one I'd consider most dearly. I was a fearless soul, full of questions and a plethora of ideas. I'd like to connect to that alter ego to see what it wants to become in its life, why it wants to live in a particular way and does it approve of the way I, its own future, am spending my life. In short, it'll be like asking questions and seeking answers from yourself. But more importantly, this phase will help me rediscover my roots whose notice I take but yet I fail to give them due merit.

Age 3: The Lover

When I read this revered poem 10 years ago, I felt that the term "lover" bears a more figurative than a literal sense. But it's nothing more than a mere fallacy. There comes an age in a man's life where no matter how strenuous and staunch he is in his conduct, he falls for the pristine beauty of a pompous lady. He may even make a genuine attempt at refraining himself from moving ahead, but all his efforts are rendered futile. He sighs as he recalls the sumptuousness of his beloved and yet he finds himself in paucity for love. He assumes the most parsimonious of lifestyles to restrain and barricade his flow of thoughts but he still finds himself yearning for that one single girl, all the time. Life in a way comes to a standstill and it moves ahead only when either this man gets that girl or that girl is no longer available to make do with. It's pretty much like that. A niche phase that arrives and goes away at an almost predetermined juncture and one that transforms a man in a moral and emotional sense. He, for the first time, finds it hard to veil his true emotions. He finds resolve in an adorable face but that same bliss makes him a nocturnal wanderer. He loses sleep, can't concentrate on work and begins to imagine things. Not hallucinations but he's very close to them. He tries to find that girl in every bit of his existence and eventually surrenders to an outcome no matter how vivid or how livid it may be. I'd like to connect with this phase to see a part of my persona that is so hard to find otherwise. I'm no longer a man of sheer resolute, my actions are deemed ludicrous, and my imaginations are my only revitalizers. I'd also like to interact with that age of mine to see what all it does to keep itself alive and what it sees for itself. I want to know how woeful his hopes are and I want to observe that whimsicalness from the outside. In short, I want to enjoy my own fanaticism.

Age 4: The Soldier

And then the man comes in terms with his purpose, with a goal he actually cherishes. He knows what is to be done in his life and he knows it for sure. His musings have now given way to one fixed image of him achieving something. He's ready to give it all for it. He now knows that he may have to consort with the evil, may have to do what he once deemed illicit, he may have to use his sleight for deception, but he does all of it. He knows that now he ought to stop at nothing less than his goal. He wants to be a winner. I'm due to enter this phase and I'm not able to enter it because I still don't know what to do in life. Have a little too many interests to follow, a little too many goals to achieve. Ultimately the choice has to come from me only. However, I'd like to connect with this phase not to see what I eventually chose for myself but to witness the determination I'm showing towards it. I've never been a man who showed even an infinitesimal focus towards a cause but I'd dearly want to see how I do it when I do it. The sheer brevity, the purposeful moves, I want to see how I plan to achieve my own perpetuity, my own prospects.

Age 5: The man of justice

And then comes the man who is wise and who holds prejudices that are not only shrewd but are also convincing. He has his own set of rules to live by. He has obviously garnered a rotund belly and has lost the sheen of his youth, but he is more contend just because he has a sense of satisfaction about what he's settled on to. He has acquired a knowledge that can be acquired only with practice and he is proud of what he has now. I've never set any rules or guidelines for my own existence but as far as this age is concerned, that thing can only be procrastinated. People just have to depend on their own instinct and ethics to take decisions. I'd like to connect with this future man in me to see how much of ingenuity, I as a man, have developed by then. I need to interact with that perspicuous man who is sure about what he's doing, because I never was. I need to tether to his brilliance and to his way of doing things. I need to witness his magnanimity, his condoning gestures, his patience and his virtues. I need to see how I'd be maybe 20 years down the line, with my life on track and with a sense of belief about what I'm doing. Once again, I'd like to question this man if he's happy with what I'm doing here, in this age and ask for his suggestions about any possible rectifications. After all, who can judge you and suggest you better than your own self.

Age 6: The senescence

And then comes the age where a man feels getting old for the first time. He was turning senile even in the previous one but his indefatigableness never made him believe so. He now resorts to asceticism because the worldly pleasures no longer amuse him. He knows that his importance in this moving world is paltry and yet he makes minor efforts to assert his utility, only to attract more ignominy. His ways become capricious and he is no longer a subject that merits a lot of thought. His achievements are celebrated but he still feels incongruous. He spends his time with his family and with reminiscent of the glory he fostered in his lifetime but even after having the craving to be more, to do more, he is out of resources. And even after all this, he feels satisfied because he knows that he has fulfilled his purpose and he shall have no regrets about it. I'd like to connect with this gentlemen to know how he feels about a world that as a stage has remained the same but one in which he has no big role to play now. I'd like to ask him what he feels about being there, how he lives through those torrid yet turbid times. And I'd like to congratulate him and tell him that he has a man has done all that he could have done in his capacities and tell him that his own younger counterpart is enormously proud of what he has done.

Age 7: The inevitable

And like the fundamentalists always say, all commencements are bound to end, so does the life of a man. This age is characterized by a sheer resort to austerity. When a man deliberately shrinks the perimeter of his thoughts and life. He has a lot of wisdom to share but he lacks the teeth to utter it, he has a lot of magic to spell but his hands won't allow otherwise. He still smiles because now he sees his own life in his dreams. He must be seeing me in his dreams doing what he did as me. He appreciates his own intellect and prowess and lives only to relive those moments as long as fate may allow him. He is a lackadaisical subject who causes repulsion in young souls because of his appearance. Then he recalls how he himself ran way from the aged whom he feared to be connected with the Satan. Yet he lives through his life, whining but only in himself, cheering but only his own younger self that exists only in tales of his glory. He vilifies the antagonists of his own stories and acts a slapstick for his grandchildren. He finds comfort only in their company because he sees in them the journey of his next incarnate. I'd like to connect with him to admire his diminishing brilliance and his lucid existence. I'd also like to witness his stoicism to which he had no option but to resort to. I'd like to ask him questions about his times and how he goes about in life. Is there still something he has a penchant for, something that he does not possess in his quiver because his younger versions failed to acquire something. I'd also like to ask the same question yet again, is he happy with what I'm doing ? Would he eventually serve the goal which my 4th age avatar had set for himself ? Is he happy with what all that he and his 6 ages have done before him going to the pyre and is there any message that he'd like to pass to any of us ? And at the end, I'd once again admire him for a lifetime of achievements and tales worth telling, for the manner in which he never succumbed, and for the sheer resilience and perseverance that he incorporated in his existence.

And with this, I'd say goodbye to all the 7 ages of myself. A WeChat group chat that I not only thoroughly enjoyed being a part of, but one that allowed me to get answers to all the questions I always asked of myself. I now know of secrets which I kept from no one but myself, and of the discreet and bemusing ways that I'd adopted before and shall adopt later in my life. Eventually, I'd come out as a man who is free of doubts, doubts that plagued his decisions. I'd come out as a man, totally different from what he is now. I'd come out as a man who now knows what he's here for. If only this WeChat group could exist in real, if only this WeChat group chat could happen for real.

This post was written with the intent to submission towards Indiblogger's WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere blogging drive.

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  1. Nice thinking to come up with this post.

    One suggestion, change the alignment of the text to justify rather than centre. I might look better that way.

    Best of luck for the contest!

    One more thing, could you have a look at my posts too?

  2. Thanks a lot for the suggestion, man. It's actually looking much better after I've justified it to the left. :)
    And thanks a lot for the wishes and appreciation as well. Will surely visit your blog :)

  3. Now this is actually quite different from the conventional and even the unconventional choices that others have had in their posts... wanting to chat with yourself from different times certainly goes beyond even the unconventional!

    All the best!

    Arvind Passey

    1. Sir, I'm glad you found it worth a read. I actually wanted to bring out a wish that I have for real. I feel at times that I need a glimpse of my own past to witness the vicissitudes that defined my present, and I also have this wish to peep through my future just to witness what my present would transform into. I just imagined it that way and wondered what I'd do if WeChat could give me a chance to do just that. :)

  4. The maturity of the post is praise worthy. I like the way you have written it from a different perspective,based on what Jaques says in the great comedy AS YOU LIKE IT.

    1. This is the kind of comment that keeps a blogger alive and going. Gives him the thrust that is otherwise hard to find. Obliged for the admiration and yes, I actually tried doing something different and I've still not come in terms with why I wanted to do it. :P