Monday, 2 September 2013

Your next mission should you choose to accept it...

Mr X lives the banal life of your next door neighbor and your next cubicle executive. A usual plaintive expression with a dolorous morning greeting symbolizes a cult of pretension and parsimony around him. He appears to be staunch but placid. He seems to be a little too bothered about his success and one who never, not even once, tends to overlook his professional commitments to cater to a personal volition. Perfect compliance with company policy in terms of dress code and etiquette. A faithful chaperon to upper executives, a blue eyed boy to the conventional corporate chauvinists and a nugget to his contemporary counterparts. He always seems to be more of a machine. Set schedules, set amounts, no distinctiveness. Can a man's life be so vapid, so succinct and so certain.

As the dusk sets in on Saturday, Mr X drives his boisterous sedan back to his home, the sedan looks pretty incongruous on him. Or apparently even a second hand hatchback would have sufficed. Nevertheless, set schedules followed on the drive as well. Desperate traffic policemen could have issued anathemas to this man for being such a conformist of traffic rules when every other regular passerby at the stretch had at least 2 challans conferred to them. But not to be with X. X was impeccably careful about what he did. By a predetermined time, he was back at home. The sedan in the garage, the man inside, shower goes on and goes off/ A few moments later, kitchen lights go on and then the whole house blacks out.

A silhouette appears of a man holding some stuff. The man disappears towards the ventral side. A garage door churns open. But wasn't the garage door supposed to be in the front from where the sedan went in ? A light goes on, goes off, then a very strong light goes on and begins to drift sideways, into the driveway and now appearing to be coming towards the front. And before you could contemplate, its two of them. Two gargantuan beams shredding past the cornea and the beast zips past, wafting all the leaves and grasses in an undulatory rhythm.

The man who gave a modicum of smirk on a 10 lac increment in annual salary now smiled like a beast. Not your usual man anymore. Hair's all disheveled, clothing elegance has all gone for a toss, and the speed of the vehicle has now the least respect for the signboards. As Mr X drifts past the sturdy machine across the final milestone before a bifurcation, he slows down and takes the road which was rendered desolate years ago, courtesy of rumors of it being too weak a structure to travel on, when you're travelling right on the edge of a steep and high hill. Without any second thoughts, Mr X takes it.

The grin now turns into a complete smile. No providence in what's being done, no trace of any sanity in decision making. Driving at 110 Kmph on what the locals call the "Parallel Junk", not even once does X get any fears on the idea of traveling not on a road, but on bits and pieces of gravel held by the tipsy topsy hill surface. The adrenaline has started coming in installments. With the destination just a few moments away, X can't stop retrospecting the surfeit of elation he experienced when he completed this journey the last time. The same risk of toppling down every time, the same joy of succeeding yet again. And indeed, yet again Mr X and his prudent companion, his mechanical wonder. complete the journey as they stride into a narrow nascent pathway. The disconsolate guy is now brimming with energy. With amazing celerity, the vehicle moves into the narrow pathway. It's 11 in the night and it's so dark that this pathways can be termed as a black hole in its own right

As Mr X drives past the pathway again, he witnesses the same impediments to what one should assume to be a journey. An ordeal it's gonna be. Rocks, crests, spikes, dwells, leavened gravel, boggy clay, and a slwe of other hindrances to swallow you and your vehicle. But X, being the most venturesome of guys, just has to take the risk yet again. As the accelerator is floored and the machine beams forward, the rocks seem to ineffective, the boggy clay subsides, the gravel retreats, the spikes get demolished and as X leaves the stretch, it looks like a different place altogether.

And now comes the final road before X reaches what he's been looking to reach for the last 200 minutes of his drive. What would have been an fanatical and largely conjured odyssey for the layman, was a routine that X followed biweekly. Yes, this was more than just a journey for X. It's a desideratum. It's the fuel X seeks to invigorate his body and revitalize himself. Who would have believed that the office robot was in reality a maniac. But X knew the rules of the game. He knew the sedan would have been a reminiscent containing a few bits of metal and glass by now had he brought it to this part of the world. That's why he brought the most erudite and pristine thing he ever possessed. The most immaculate vehicle you're ever likely to possess.

As X ventures into the final road before the destination, he holds himself tight for now the two will take a plunge into a 40 degree vertical steep. The bossy vehicle gains speed and rolls down. But it was not a hassle. The movement seemed more like a hymn, or a verse maybe. And so did X feel as he was present inside this beastly machine. Amidst the bumps on the steep were some seriously large stones which X parried off with the whip of a movement on the ultra responsive steering. And reeling through, X and his partner finally reached the base of the cliff with their final attainment just a few miles away. What seemed like giving an adieu to yourself and your vehicle of course, seemed to be no more trepidation inducing than say, mery go round.

As X reaches there, he steps out of his tenacious machine - one whose appearance suggested that it was driving on a luscious grand prix track for the last few hours. Except for the few stains of mud, there was no blemish on the expedition machine. X brought out a large camping baggage from the boot of his vehicle and set it up. When he was ensured that the tent is properly set up, he went inside the vehicle, reclined the seat and slept under the tent. Actually the tent simply covered the vehicle, given the vehicle too merited that importance.

It's 6 in the morning and X didn't realize his somnambulatory faculties till the time he finds a splash of ater waking him up while he stands beside a water body. Soon he regains control and as he looks across the horizon, yet again he witnesses the spectacle he cherishes more than anything else. In front of X was the most resplendent thing you're ever likely to witness. A large mammoth of a mountain is covered with verdant pastures and graceful brown patches stands next to a massive stretch of river flowing at an exorbitant pace and the search for the river's immediate source culminates in a huge towering waterfall that looks like a colossus of a water source. The three of the most rewarding scenes synergized into the most exuberant of things to see, feel and sense. It was above imagination, it was nature's ,magic.

And just when you thought X's foraying into enigmatic avenues has ended, he walks back to the boot space and talks out three bulky bags and kits. Opens one of them. It includes a huge rope and clamps and pivots and what not. He keeps aside the other bags and fixes the ropes steadily on the hook of his vehicle. He gears himself in athletic outfits with the best in class equipment including everything from grip shoes to gloves to a costume that more or less resembles that of a cyclist. And when the stage is set, The heavy duty vehicle is driven to a suitable place and X starts rappling down the waterfall. As he ushers past the ferocious and voracious waters, he looks as if he's living a life for the sake of doing just the same thing. Then he followed this with a mountain climbing exercise wherein he yet again used his vehicle to hold the ropes. HE had a fair share of bruises and cuts and all kinds of orifices but he finally managed to nudge back. And now was the turn for plunging into the waters. The depth was less but the  flow was too high. Finally X decided that the river simply has to be crossed. But even with all the equipment he had, it was too imbecile a thing to even think of. But the river just had toe be crossed. And just then, the mighty machine came to the rescue again. This time, the time for ropes was over. X entered the vehicle and drove it across the river.

Throughout the day, Sunday it was, X didn't consume even a bit of anything apart from the natural ingredients that made their way to his stomach as he braced himself against the mighty adventures of the nature. X drove back his faithful companion back to the garage, ardently wiped out all traces of dust and dirt and as he walked past it towards the garage door, he moved to the front to touch the symbol of perfection - The T that not only stood for trust, but for providing tranquil in torrid tempestial times. It literally titillated him. And as he walked back, he looked at the quintessential and celebrated rear of the vehicle articulating the message - Tata Safari. As X walked back to office again on Monday, he yet again resumed his common roles and responsibilities. The same appreciations, the same grapevines, the same circumlocution, the same formal mannerism. But no one, simply no one except f or X himself knew what was going inside his hefty head. No one knew that behind the bulwarks of this office what he was actually looking for something else. And no one but X and his Tata Safari knew that he was waiting for the next Saturday to arrive soon. Mr X is no one but me, Mr X is no one but you. Redeem your life, now!