Friday, 6 December 2013

If it's Aromatic, it's AmbiPur !

It's been more than 30 odd days since I installed an AmbiPur Set & Refresh Thai Dragon fruit in my not so redolent room, one that's marked by misplaced wafer wrappers, partially bitten biscuits and all sorts of reminisce of what were once proper edibles. For someone new, my room was a total blasphemy, with disorder and chaos being the apparent themes, ones that I had learnt to live with long ago. Despite ardent efforts by everyone in my family and our maids to restore some order, all they could do was issue calumnies against me after they all failed. This nuptial relationship I have long served with unorderliness and tardiness is a hard one to break. But alas ! I too had to bear the blunt for being so very indolent. My room had become a total demagogue, turning me subdued because of all sorts of odor and all sorts of lame shades. I needed someone to palliate this plight, something to bring my room some light. And finally, they sent AmbiPur Set & Refresh. And what a transformation it has been since then.

One of the things that impresses me the most about this cherubic, handy yet extremely efficacious device is the magnitude of blissful redolence that it can produce despite its small size. Like they say, don't go on size. You just have to follow the instructions and have to fit the main fragrant liquid holder in the outer chamber and the device starts pouring scents all over the room. Its effect becomes evident in no time with it being extremely effective in not only removing the bad odors that otherwise marred your mood, but also replacing the same with enchanting aromas that titillate your senses. Another intriguing thing is that once you've set it, you simply forget it's there. It's so small and needs so little intervention that after you've set it, you simply recall its presence only after the sumptuous scents enlighten your senses and enliven up your mood. But was the device able to sustain the tyranny that I'm known to produce ? Let's see.

AmbiPur Set & Refresh in action

Courtesy of mine having the mindset of the regular Indian customer, probing and testing some good till its veracity has been duly tested and even dignified, I don't feel comfortable. So although this small little device did good enough to wipe out the nasty pungent smells from my room and was able to fill it up with brilliance, I truly wanted to test it out. So, I placed some wet sprouts in the room and let them to rot a little. I wanted to see how effective the Set & Refresh can be in preventing that bad odor from engrossing my room. When the sprouts were at the penultimate stage of their repugnance and had started to produce that foul smell, I left the bowl of sprouts in the room and left for a commitment that would take 2 days. I was pretty much certain that 2 days later, I'd be confronted with a smell so ridiculous that I'll have to cover my nose before moving in and getting the bowl out. The intention was just to check out this device before recommending it. I usually am very careful before doing so. Recommending a not so impressive consumer good to someone who wants every penny worth of their hard earned money can have severe repercussions. So, I had to be extremely confident.

2 days passed by and I was back in my room, just about to open it. I just then recalled the sprouts experiment and thought that maybe the sprouts hadn't spread enough rampage to intimate the rest of my family who already are scared enough to open a room that's full of mysterious artifacts and inexplicable entities. I knew it would be tough, those nasty smells. I knew I'll have to walk a few feet before I make it to the sprouts bowl that had enough firepower to knock a man with a working nose down. But I had to do it. I opened the room and to my surprise, the smell of the sprouts wasn't as widespread as I had expected. In fact, the smell was contained within a few inches of the sprout bowl. Then, it was just a question of disposing off those sprouts in my neighbors' backyard, letting them rot a little more before it filled their entire backyard and provided them a chance to inhale those luscious vapors. But this small device turned out to be quite something. Maybe the placement was strategically good or something like that, but the room smelled absolutely normal except for that small section where the sprouts were placed. Maybe the vapors released by the device have the propensity of producing aroma as well as suppressing smells arising from elsewhere. Whatever it was, the device did work very well.

Before you get one, I need to tell you that it's not a room freshener which immediately fills up your room with scent fragrance once you spray that whiff of aerosol. That lasts very less but produces immediate impact. This Set & Refresh is a new phenomenon that works as a complimentary device to your usual air freshener cans. This one does not produce any immediate intense impact but works at a stretch for quite some days, spreading pleasant smells in your rooms, and at the same time acting as a drain out for bad smells, without you having to do anything. You just have to deploy it and forget it and then it's this small device's responsibility to ensure a lively ambiance with light and pleasant fragrances that simply rock. A pairing of an AmbiPur Set & Refresh with an AmbiPur Air Effects air sprays will make sure that your home and your office are always providing you a lively atmosphere. If it worked in my room, it just has to work in yours.

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