Monday, 30 December 2013

The Scientists.

Long ago, not long enough to prevent you from conjuring the scenes, cataclysmic forces were at work in all parts of the world. These men, whom everyone believed to be the harbingers of malicious deeds, were often subjected to public ignominy. People abhorred them and despised them, not only for their deeds, but also for their unkempt appearance. ”I hate that unclean stubble” enunciated the Queen of Krakozhia as she once ordered execution of one such guy. Some elite even denounced these men as messengers of Satan. Whatever the world said or believed, these men were not that repugnant. They never had any mala fide intent. They simply sought to do things differently. Amidst the tumult and protest, these men decided to change.

They knew they had to do away with that desolate appearance to amalgamate with the “common man” of the times. Hence off went the stubbly beard and the strangled flocks of hair and on came the look that made the perfect camouflage for chicanery. Now, no matter what these guys did, it went unnoticed as everyone perceived them to be normal, unsullied as they now appeared. Slowly and slowly, the hubbub went away and the demoniac existence of these men was forgotten as everyone believed them to be extinct. No one sensed the magnitude of what was coming towards them.

Once all opposing forces had perished, these men resurfaced as the suave looking guys and manumitted the world from all encumbrances. Their ingenuity led the world towards enlightenment and their ways and methods enthralled everyone. Slowly and steadily, these men assumed the noble positions while replacing those whom once vilified them. As the tide went in their favor, the world got its catharsis and entered the next renaissance. Today, these men are popularly known as “The Scientists”. 

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