Wednesday, 22 January 2014

AAP yahan aaye kis liye?

A lot has been expounded over the supposed misdirection of a revolution that literally revved up the youth and purported to be the harbinger of equality and a corruption free society. However, as it is often the case with political discourses, ardent confreres often end up getting dogmatic about their reality and perceive any chastising or rebuke as a vilification or imprecation. The truth though, remains enmeshed in our unedifying unyielding beliefs. After a point of time, we become so obsessed with the astonishment of our epochal transformations, that we hardly question whether the transformation is actually what we were scrounging for. What we are eventually left with, is a clique of termagants vying for space on the media, tarrying to expatiate and enunciate their stands. No one really questions the veracity of the leitmotif of this play for we all are lowbrows of course. We all exhibit the highest standards of inanity and fatuousness so that we become mere gimmicks in the warp of time. As we step into another such metamorphosis, I'm compelled to ponder over things I've never really thought about.

I read a little while ago that there is something that exists within abysmal depths of the social structure, something which sociologists call social conscience. It is highly intangible, incomprehensible and swamped with veils. It is not what any of us possess individually and neither do we collectively possess it. It is a mere manifestation of what we refrain from saying because we'd be probably be outcast from our fraternities or maybe because we don't have enough firepower to promulgate that hidden belief. I never really entrusted such abstruse and whimsical phenomena to explain cretinous public behavior but this situation is somewhat apt to use it as an explanation of the peevish and petulant deeds of ours. 

What we are witnessing is a revolution, inherently conjoined with the will of extirpating existing dictum and bringing in a new world law. It's quite obvious that constitution permits a revolution to prosper and propagate but that should never happen at the expense of the constitutional maxims themselves. However, as the revolution grows in size and spans more swanky territories, it assumes an incontrovertible stature, probably piggybacked on the deeply imbibed beliefs of self righteousness. It's hard to believe someone can alone conjure the prognosis of a new world order and even come up with the tenets to implement it. Possibilities and probabilities of changes and amendments obviously galore in every facet of democracy but directing all the energy to conspire the quashing of the democratic principles is not a paltry peccadillo. As if the dalliance with swashbuckleness and bravado assumes a more pivotal role in guiding all your decisions and eventually becomes your sole entourage. That's exactly what this revolution has become. 

Extoling and aggrandizing your leaders has long been a culture in Indian polity. A plethora of times we had a leader with a mawkish poseur attempting to look so forlornly and yet so enthused and emboldened as if you had the mighty reverend of reverends in front of you. Yet, people fail to witness the reality working surreptitiously within the caverns. We fail to recognize the fact that all our expectations, all that the beginnings augured, all of them have gone awry. What stays amiss amongst all this, is gravitas in how we think about our own future and how much we spend in that thinking. A man out there whom we thought would bring his ideas to praxis, becomes another one who is an expert at sleight.We fail to see how that man in himself is now bungling within his past and his progeny on his conduct. A man struggling to find resort between activism and polity, and a man who knows no more of public responsibility than removal of corruption. He has his own set of ideals, all right, but he seems to be missing that sense of execution. Yet we let the times beguile, merrily hoping in our reveries that the utopia might finally arrive someday and yet we fail to notice how unknowingly we await yet another doom.

The question still comes back full circle. Are we near that catharsis which we believed shall come at the behest of those we've sent to power? Are these men in trite clad with an allegorical neta topi going to extricate us? And last but not the least. are we once again walking on the stairs of deception and chicanery like we've been doing for ages, silently waiting for the epiphany to debunk all our beliefs and hopes? This wait for answers, shall be excruciating. 


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