Friday, 24 January 2014

The Confessions Of A Stalker : Part III

Blogging kind of takes its toll on you. You always have this inner craving to do do something else but the demon of blogging pesters and forces you to indite. It's not a purpose as it may seem for you're simply bungling most of the time. However, there is surely something that permits you to go ahead. After a point of time though, you find yourself knowing no other way to express yourself than through the words. It's kind of excruciating and relieving at the same time but you surely know something's wrong. Probably you'll never know what it is but something's always amiss. 

Anyways, this brief was nothing but a prefatory to something I thought I should share with you. A walk down the memory lane reveals a lot about your demeanor but when you have a blog to deal with it, your job becomes much more lucid. So for those who haven't yet read the first two parts of this odyssey, here you go -> Part I and Part II. Those who have read them before would know how inimical my deep seated anxieties are. Maybe someday my own conscience will trounce and surmount me to take over but as long as I'm here, I'll fight.

The intro may have seemed somewhat gloomy but what follows is still worth reading. You all would have known by now that stalking has been an inveterate trait in me ever since I was subjected to the Internet in maybe 1999. Started stalking people on their Yahoo ! and Sify(Erstwhile Satyam) chat profiles, and eventually took that art to the next level with the advent of Orkut, Facebook and ingenious search engines like Google and Gigablast. The subjects have changed all throughout these years, some have been morbid and gloomy, whereas others have been what, sulky and sultry ? In between the two extremes, I always found solace in ones who seemed plausible candidates for a virtual accord. This time, I crashed into something very different. 

For the sake of being aware, I clicked on this "next blog" button and was trying to see what random profile they throw up. I have to admit I wasn't really prepared for what turned up. There was this scarcely populated blog, highly unlike ours of course, and it had this visage of a girl on the side. For about a minute or two, that image struck as an epiphany of my inner astonishment. It was so resplendent and was exuding so much radiance, I kind of decided to turn it off and forget something like that ever happened. I even did that but damn ! these browsers, dunno why they store history and compel you to revisit a page after you've found your bearings. 

This time, after having taken a few sips of cold water and devouring a few biscuits for acting as an ephemeral source of energy, I plunged into this newly discovered corundum. Without exhuming the past by repeating the special set of stalking skills that I have, I'd tell you what I found exactly. I found some blog posts which were literally inundated with comments despite the fact that the blog didn't have no followers. I soon realized that most comments were from the fraternity to which I myself belong and hence inveighing these guys wasn't really needed. I then eventually delved deeper to find what's no less than a treasure trove. And a publicly available treasure trove in fact. 

This belle had not one, not two but more than a hundred images on her Facebook account for the confreres like me to savor. I took it as incumbent upon me to scrutinize and patronize these images with sheer dedication and diligence and so I did. Picture after picture, I kind of melted away in the cauldron of the ravishing pulchritude and faded away. Pictures of her dressed like lilacs, pictures which appeared so emanating and you obviously had those hackneyed comments of people describing the beauty in such frugal terms that couldn't even suffice for 10 percent of what was deserved and fitting. The splendor and the grandeur never seemed to cease but ultimately they had to. 

Kind of ambled through the rest of the profile's constituents but still had the images persisting on, the cornea, right ? There wasn't a lot of text or anything and it was literally thudded with feeds from "Answer this" and "Best Photo" kinda apps. She had around a 1000 followers which was obvious and she also had a lot of "Awww" posts on the wall which I couldn't really interpret were targeted towards what. With my swashbuckleness and my candor, I could have swept her off her feet in minutes but she thwarted all such attempts in advance by privileging no one but herself to befriend anyone. I could have added her on some other social media as well but I thought maybe the world would be much better without her knowing who I am. Maybe we have set the puzzle pieces right till now and maybe it's time for me to leave for the next hunt. 

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