Sunday, 9 February 2014

CASE STUDY : The V-day Vandals

So much for the multitude of case study competitions I've participated in of late and yet I'm searching for that element of ingenuity and shrewdness you're not allowed to exhibit. Moreover, while major management case studies restrain themselves to the realm of managerial acumen and lack a veracious analysis in both hindsight and foresight, here's proposing a case study that is one helluva conundrum. It presents to you, as the person in charge of a tardy situation, with two completely contradictory objectives which you're expected to find a balance between. Solutions are also expected to be both preposterous and delirious because these elements hold a relatively high place in our personal adjudication and scrutiny paradigms. The best solution would win you a mention on the blog with a picture of your choice accompanying links to any social media profiles of your choice. We don't guarantee a barrage of people buzzing around you post we share the links of the blog, but you'll surely see an influx of coveted admiration from people all across the glamorous blogging circle. So, what you're waiting for ? Here goes the case study. 
This time of the year, this week specially, sees distending recruitment of ground personnel by a selected set of political parties that were specifically setup for the prime purpose of demolishing the businesses of Archies, Hallmark and Ferns & Petals by vandalizing their outlets and manhandling the chirping love birds. On one hand, idle youths get some employment wherein they can exhibit their 'hidden' talents, but on the other hand, these businesses alongwith the unorganized gifting sector take a beating. So ladies and gentlemen, you are hereby invited you to submit solutions to this case study in a word document, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing, enumerating all the steps that you'll take as the administrator of your metropolis. Valid assumptions can be made pertaining to the possibilities of your provenance as being one of these irascible youths in your own rising years, or yours having accepted illicit grants from these businesses when they setup their shops while violating all possible retail space norms. 

All the best amigos and amigas ! Hoping to see some titillating, stupefying and mind-boggling solutions coming from your side. 

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