Friday, 30 May 2014

Mujhe mil jo jaaye thodha paisa!

The word 'rich' has its own nuances and subtleties, people say. I guess it's all an orchestrated connotation that richness might be taken out of parables and other allegories to be portrayed as an indelible virtue of character. We might denote those things by something like 'value'.'Rich' in all its essence denotes richness in the literal sense. It's not about the richness of character or morals but richness that bodes pecuniary well being and opulence. Having said that, how rich does one need to be in order to feel rich? It's subjective but I have my pointers.

Some people feel rich after fetching their first salaries and getting drunk, post which they retch. While it's richness in the sense of their attaining what they couldn't get till now, real richness is palatial and grandiose, with an eerie sense of dauntlessness becoming concomitant with every thing you do. Real richness alludes a life so spectacular and lavish that you employ a dozen of guys just to manage the money for you. You get so affluent with a bank balance so gigantic, that bank managers owe complete subservience towards you instead of treating you at their behest like they do otherwise.

So, who could be the examples of this luscious phenomenon? I had quite many people in mind but I had to resort to a few toons who portrayed that luxuriance to perfection. They've depicted that irrespective of you having scoured the money yourself by ferreting for every possible penny, or it coming as a bequest, you can end up with a coffer so big that you can have the world's first supercomputer and robots, or have a safe big enough to swim. Richie Rich, the sane rich guy and Uncle Scrooge literally defined richness for me and gave me dreams that I still espouse with.While my idea of richness may seem heretic and not puritanical as conservatives may like it, it's better when you don't know what's next. Maybe just by dreaming of the boundless richness, I may get that speck of wizard that's needed to have a share from their illimitable treasure troves. Mujhe mil jo jaaye thodha paisa! 

This post was written for the 15th edition of indiSpire. Tell the world if the word 'rich' rings any bells. 

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