Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The lost meaning of the "Aam Aadmi"

The last few days have been full of tumult and clamor. Just like it's with every election that is more of a political rendition spiced up by vindictive vendettas, this one too had its run. Parties and their reps cursing each other, casting aspersions, belittling strategies in front of journalists, the self proclaimed psephologists. You had all that your normally expect. You had people openly reviling a truth, making it look like false. You also had people embracing the false, making it appear like the truth. You also had the usual jamboree with parties claiming to be crusaders and ombudsman, the catharsis amidst the cataclysm. You had everything you've had before except for a new sect. People who changed the meaning of the term "Aam Aadmi", making him appear stronger than he is, emancipating his predicament with false hopes, and riling him by simply making a joke of him!

An Aam Aadmi is still that common guy who gets mails for buying flats at Rs n per sq ft, but a sq. ft is all he can afford. An Aam Aadmi is one who relies on a master for his bread and sees himself get harangued and bantered for the same. An Aam Aadmi is one who forages for fortune in every speck of his imagination and coops up in his dreams, believing in the future, believing in the best. An Aam Aadmi is that common guy who feels trepidation without committing a sin and yet moves to pilgrimage at his end for an atonement. Last but not the least, an Aam Aadmi is one who raises a family, believing and hoping that none of his progeny ends up becoming the same. In short, an Aam Aadmi lives his entire life abjuring all the lavishness, yet hoping his kins could savor the same. An Aam Aadmi is not a person, he is a state of life, of those even whose dreams are so frugal that they can't seek many a penny. And look what you made him dream this time. 

The very idea of empowering the Aam Aadmi through a political renaissance was a farce. How much destitution can you remove from a nation where one section is considered fated to be that way? How many dreams can you bring to reality when there is space for only a percentage of the billion dreams to come true? Yet, Aam Aadmi asserts his pride and conceit in improving his frail and forlornly life and yet he was enthused with the idea. However, how much do you believe you can manumit a guy who has come to renounce those beliefs as he learnt the hard way? You still expect him to relish the evocative dreams he once had and later relinquished. He knows his bounds but yet he goes with you, risking himself. He still believes there is a modicum you can improve. You, instead, make him dream of Elysiums and Utopias. The Aam Aadmi has been reneged a thousand times. Here, you made him fall for your traps yet again. Never play with one's dreams, never give them more than they can take, never promise more than you can partake in praxis. 

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