Wednesday, 18 June 2014

5 kinds of people who watch CID.

ACP with his usual pride and elation
CID is perhaps the only thing on TV that’s stayed with me ever since my childhood. It was in 1997 when Sony suddenly gained a lot of prevalence on Indian cable TV and CID became the poster boy of the new era. With an umpteen number of changes throughout these years, the ACP, Daya and Abhijeet have remained an immanent part of the team. Some reports suggest that CID have been able to crack more cases in these 17 years than have even been registered and reported across the globe by all law enforcement agencies cumulatively. Here we observe the five kinds of people who watch CID. 

     Ones who want to feel like a genius
While ACP’s prowess in solving crimes and telling that gushing blood over a pale cadaver means someone has been murdered is a gem by itself, you already know what I’m talking about. CID might be able to solve crimes but their deductions are to the envy of even Sherlock Holmes, on the oppressive front though. Even the most naive, credulous and idiosyncratic of people would be able to reach at the same, if not better than, conclusions as the ACP. Hence for the outright rejected folks who’ve been vanquished on intellectual fronts, watching CID is likely to provide them some aplomb and make them feel like a boss.

Ba from Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
Ba, witnessing the inaugration of the Taj Mahal
The sanctimonious Ba, who is the only person alive to have witnessed all the three battles of Panipath, has seen the world changing its course every few years. She was smitten by television around a good 80 years ago when it was invented and she was also there when the first projector was test run. Ba had enough time to finish watching all the movies, soaps and sitcoms and hence she was left with no other option but to watch CID because she needs to stay connected with television in some way or the other as that’s the ground on which she thrives and would live another millennium.

      Laggards in high school physics

There are a few innocuous souls or iconoclasts who falter in practicing and applying Flemming’s left hand and right hand rules. ACP who has become almost obsessed with these two and applies them 8-9 times while claiming “Kuch to gadbad hai Daya” , gives these folks some good practice everytime. In fact Salil Ankola who witnessed a bad run in every walk of life, joined CID back in 98’ just because he wanted to make sure that he learns at least 1 rule of physics before departing this life.

       Souls going through perdition in hell
So strenuous is the task of watching a complete episode of CID that souls that were pulled to hell for their misdeeds are made to watch each and every episode of CID in loop, ever since its first run, and that too in HD.  In fact it’s such a lethal activity that a few souls prefer the acid massage and inferno pedicure instead of that. A few guys even opt for voluntary plunge in volcanoes just to escape ACP’s wrath.

      All the guys named Daya
It seems that there aren’t many guys out there named Daya, as it’s not a very topical name anymore. And even the ones whose parents forced it upon them, the poor guys had to resort to legal services for an immediate change of name to avoid ignominy in friends circles. Surprisingly though, a few guys kept the name, either out of volition or due to impecuniousness. These guys couldn’t escape the continuous jocular elements that environed their lives and they had to finally start living with it. They eventually accepted the bitter truth and instead of living with the utter resentment, they started adulating CID as well as Daya. A few of them even feel emboldened and overjoyed because they now believe they can break every door in the world, just like that!

While there’s no denying CID has remained a subject of persiflage and banter for about a decade, the show still enjoys TRPs that are to the envy of many a show. It’s a surprise to see that a show with a bounded realm, grew so illimitable that it’s going strong even after 17 years and that too in the same slot and with the same format. Kudos to them. Just hope they won’t mind this, which was just another light hearted gig. 

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