Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Delhi,Mumbai to Lahore,Karachi

Borders can divide you, but they still can't separate you from each other. The bifurcation from a geographical perspective, can never be drawn as a line between hearts. Years of staying away from each other can change your identities, but it still cannot change who you are. These were some of the maxims I carried with me from the Zindagi Indiblogger #JodeyDilonKo blogger drive, and I'm going to keep them with me for a lifetime. What started with badinage between folks in the luscious Taj Hotel in Delhi, and the blogger caucus gathered at the Leela in Mumbai, ended in a day full of ebullience and enrapturing experiences.

With umpteen number of people putting up their points, a suave Imran handling questions with a composed and placid demeanor and with an electrifying mood and zeitgeist, the meet was all that a man is willing to savor on a weekend. It appears so very simple on paper, the concept of people linking places, instead of placing linking people, and yet it never seemed this ostensible. As Vineet made deliberate attempts of inveigling and dragging the Dehiites and Mumbaikars in rogue battles, the two sides seemed at riling loggerheads. Voracious and vociferous attempts were made by both the sides to support their respective cases, rounds were won rather controversially, and yet when it came to the conclusion on one final round, it was India, that was declared as the ultimate winner. That moment itself set the vortex at bay and carved a delightful agenda for the rest of the day.

Soon, teams from Zindagi took over and took the theme and discussions forwards. For the first time, the premiere of a TV soap seemed as if its not contrived and surely has a melange of realistic manifestations. A channel whose content is an eclectic and eidetic agglomeration of emotions, virtues and promulgated vice. The stories came up from the other end of the border, and yet they seemed to hve a footing in our own scuffles. Be it a girl and her cognitive dissonance, or be it a scurrilous man with utter conceit, Zindagi emboldens and buoys all the characters and brings the tales to life. I had to capitulate that what I imagined to be another ostentatious display of opulence and opprobrium with some megalomania, was actually very different. It was a collection of real stories, a collection of our stories!

Finally Imran's responses to questions, which literally set the tone for the ensuing discussions, made all of us retinues on the issue. We all provided ourselves an open platform on how geographical barriers proved only doles when it came to our cultural integration. I, never being a vehement soap watcher, didn't know our soaps have got quite a fan following right there in Pakistan, maybe because they're able to connect. And similarly, the telefilms from Pakistan were admired and adulated by their ardent patrons. Somewhere the veil of complexities and inadvertent deterrents put forth between us courtesy of years of insurgency by flagrant and inimical forces, it seemed we still are united somehow, as we still share the same philosophies in life. Walk pass the affectations of our individual visages and ambit of life covers us all, equally. Suddenly, the histrionic and mawkish elements of entertainment seemed irrelevant and that common cultural thread that runs between us, across these massively guarded borders, seemed to vanish. I guessed it was nice to express the otherwise ineffable feeling in words, or simply put up, in a simple yet subtle way, just like Zindagi. 

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