Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What makes it worth living.

They say every man has his own story, his own purpose, and his own compatriots in the journey called life. He struggles, he strives, he soars, he dives and he either comes out all guns blazing with eidetic memories to cherish, or comes out with tales of his odyssey that he shares with no one but himself in solitude. Lives go like that, every man keeps playing his role, everyone dreams and works towards manifesting them in reality and yet there is this community, this clique of schmucks that makes life anything but hackneyed, that makes it much more rejoicing with no expectations. I can call them imbecile, fatuous or even cantankerous, but the truth is, they're merely contrarian. 

In a world mired under anticipations of returns for every action and every deed, I wonder how this herd wades its way. Moreover, with our lives becoming so tenacious, I can't fathom where this frail group gets its strength from. And suddenly I realize, it's the very service they provide which fuels further the desire to remain egalitarian. I can't give you a face for whom I'm describing, I can't id anyone of those whom I know either. Truth be told, this community is not comprised of persons, but a philosophy. Selfless service to the mankind. While service is immanent in even economical contraptions, these people service without the desire for the fruit! They're the ones who just do it for the sake of doing it.

The 70 years young BM Ramchandra managing traffic in Bangalore

Talk about the first guy who gets out of his car in a traffic congestion and makes an ardent attempt of resolving the same. He knows he'll have to keep doing it till the blockade disperses, he knows he'll lose time. Yes, it benefits him as well, but it's the thought of collective benefit which kindles him. Talk about the guy who provides free coaching to the destitute prospects just to make them and not him realize the dreams. Talk about the public activists who bring to light the plights and predicaments of the deprived and even provide counsel and legal resort. While newspapers are inundated with poignant and macabre pieces of news, such evasive men do exist. Can we find a common incentive?

The mathematics maestro Anand Kumar opening gateways to the IITs

Now talk about the other ones. The man who passes a genuine smile at your achievements and happiness, despite being bereft of any in his own life. That man who faltered on all his dreams and yet makes sure he can help others realize the same. The man who has been a subject of subterfuge and cheating and yet takes a moment or two to help a stranger on the streets. What makes these people click? What makes them usher happiness through helping others? It's all too inscrutable. A life that's filled with polemics for those who fail to deliver and where only those who succeed are coronated, how is it that this race, still clings on to their motive, of making mankind a little more humane? I wonder.

I look upon these people for inspiration, for not only surpassing the mere bounds we put upon our thinking, but for still having in them what truly makes us human. While we'll never know how they abjure the normal mantras of success and dedicate themselves to a larger cause, I guess it's the mere belief of making a better tomorrow. The world fears strangers, these guys help them out. The world believes in cut throat competition, these guys believe in helping their competitors. It's not abnegation, it's a repudiation of what we deem 'normal'. Whatever's taught in the books, these guys follow only what's good for others. They live for others or better put, they live through others. Here's to the random guy, who does not even have a visage, but whose heart and compassion for the mankind can be felt in the very reason that our lives are still worth living. 

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