Saturday, 30 August 2014

All in the name of god | Sab Bhagwan ke naam par

Yesterday, the entire Internet went ferocious and fulminating over the mocking of the fondest Hindu deity Ganesha by a notorious slothful and indignant filmmaker RGV. In all fairness to his work, he was pretty good at it till maybe 2003, and on a few occasions post that. However since then, neither his work, nor his opinions have made any sense. While it goes without saying that censuring and haranguing gods does not to any good to even the most prudent of arguments, it instead hurts a lot of sentiments and is surely execrable. While a person in a free country is free to exercise their own notions pertaining to faith, theirs openly reprimanding or rebuking a faith is like telling the followers on their face that their own notions are mere fallacies. Hence one's exercise of freedom and liberty surely becomes an infringement on the sentimental notional value of others and this is not deemed legitimate. However, as I contemplated on RGV's jeers, I realized we are surrounded by men who are bigger criminals by any measure but whose actions we still approve of. Surprised?

Yes, we weigh our religion so heavily that a portion of us thrive merely on our sanctimoniousness that is vested in us courtesy of our position in the clergy. Time and again we engage in riots and other manifestations of disdain, purely because of our religious affiliations. These things have even got a historical precedent so our moroseness is not dumbfounded, shall I say. It has been bequeathed and has to be simply passed on as an inexorable legacy. Quite so often religion becomes a means to war just because wars have to be fought all the time like a written missive and barring a few peace movements, history has been ridden with tales of heroics and new religious sects that were formed just because of these wars. Even today, except for a few, all battles are fought because of age old religious differences courtesy of the involved religions being at pure loggerheads to each other. It's such a surprise though that the perpetrators of these wars and battles, spread across positions of power and prominence, always escape scrutiny just because their conduct is for preservation of religion and it is their foremost duty to vanquish the opponent whose religion is full of renegades. What escapes notice on both sides, is that religion maintains it sancity, but it is not religion that becomes more powerful. It is those few individuals who mocked you all the time, spreading tyranny and furore alike, manipulating facts and history, playing along with gods and their directives on more than one occasion, and becoming demigods themselves. Their ingenuity saves them from ours viewing them the same way we viewed the moronic RGV, who was doltish indeed, but who was a mere pawn on a landscape full of other despicable beings. In fact some of these men may not even be concerned with the preservation of religion and might just be having an ulterior motive of capitalizing on your innate credulousness and inability to comprehend god and their tenets. 

While the above aspect may diminish with increasing awareness and changing attitudes, another furtive and discreet clique works through our daily lives, daunting us everyday and yet escaping our much needed attention. This is the sect that does things in the name of god. You have the destitute whom we fear not to patronize with and with that 1 rupee donation being our only way to pacify our inability to help the brethren out. We feel satisfied and contented at the end of it. What we don't know is that the poor seldom use it for pure meal purchases. There are cartels and cartels over cartels which regulate that paltry money, helping the poor with their financing and helping the richest poor with their debauchery and dissolution. But you at least helped someone out, so what if that baby wrapped in the robe of that rustic lady, who asked for money to buy milk for her baby, was drugged so that it could silently cooperate in the business. 

And now the most befuddling of all mechanisms. While once this group had a much more consecrated motive of carrying out religious ceremonies and events, their purpose, their prevalence and their core reason for survival got diluted to the extent of them becoming the most effective false perpetrators of religion. They became so selective in imparting godly knowledge and in such hallowed light around their veracity, that religion became a mere vassal in their hands, with everything being done to ultimately benefit no one but them. While this may not be applicable to a large portion of this group, there is indeed a substantial number of these people, putting up across the world. Priests! Projecting themselves as the prophets of god, and one's only means to ecclesiastical nirvana, these people thrive on our fear of god, even though we've already committed a panoply of misdeeds and we know we are already gone. But still, just for the sake of salvation and redemption, how about appeasing gods through the holy men of god. These men are men of god after all and hence anything done to slake their needs or any endowment done in the name of god to these men of god, who we presume are going to do what's right with our donation, is going to bring us closer to god in any case. And then it goes on, year after year, generation after generation, millennial after millennial. New rituals are induced in the name of god, all to the benefit of neither the religion, nor the gods themselves, but to the men of god, who are the only means to god after all. Hence, period. 

The lambaste and lampooning RGV got was pretty apposite because what he did was not at all called for. Genuine debates may be initiated on practices pertaining to gods and usually held beliefs but just debunking gods is surely not going to serve any purpose more than hurting sentiments of millions. However, the larger question here is that by subscribing to the other modes of religious incrimination which are veneered by holy grail and flummoxing concepts we don't have time to ponder upon, aren't we a bigger culprit in falsified religious perpetration and dilution that RGV himself. He was a factotum who seems to be bungled up in his own thoughts and instead of focusing on seeking clarifications, he actually took the confusion and the commotion to a larger scale, all to no avail but further public ignominy after an unending and unnerving series of flops. But can we see the culprit within, who simply accedes to religious speculation every single time, never knowing what religion stands for and blindly conforming what is forced through our throats? I wonder. 

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