Sunday, 9 November 2014

To those messages you never read!

To those messages you never read,
For what do I tell them was their fault,
Reaching out to ye but yet no heed,
Made me look peevish, made me a dolt,

Craving for your attention, a speck of your life,
Moments passed but nothing but the tick,
With schisms, doubts and harrowing strife,
Nothing but just faint giggles to pick,

I saw you in my thoughts; saw you all the time,
Pristine, full of zest, lissom and lithe,
Your voice seemed merrier than even the chime,
And off went my dreams, dreams so blithe,

I woke up to realize the ticks now said seen,
Awaited moment finally arrives, and I shiver,
Answers ready for “how have you been”,
And I’ll have an entire story in the quiver,

Waited with bated breath, for she will surely reply,
Wait grew big; faith grew weak, and belief macabre,
All she had to do was to turn back and say a mere hi,
And never again were I to believe I could have her,

Frail with lost hope and with time putting a big dent,
But I could sense my anxiety was now surely freed,
I went from being forlorn and restless to now fervent,
And went back to all those messages you never read.

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