Sunday, 9 November 2014

A layman's gateway to Ayurveda.

Looking at the staunch and fit folks from a generation or two ago who continue going strong, I realize that no amount of gymming or exercise is going to get us that far. They're not only fit from the outside, they're extremely salubrious from within as well. While we get rotund bellies, excessive sugar and a host of ailments by the time we cross 30, they continue to remain undeterred and face only the problems that age brings with it. It's true that they inhabited the planet when it was far less polluted, with sprawling greens all around and breathing the freshest of air and that they also didn't have to make do with veggies and poultry grown up through injections. However, there is one thing that they did and we don't really do - to rely on nature for our health. 

Whenever they fell sick in a not so exigent way, they didn't simply gulp the antibiotics. They resorted to the magical powers of Ayurveda to get back on track. They also didn't rely on synthetic health supplements and capsules to accentuate their health and buttress their immunity. They relied on the magical elixir endowed by the nature itself - The Chyavanprash. While we start focusing on health only when tenebruous diseases begin to take over us, they used to do that from day one. 

As long as we grow, the body exhibits enough activity from within to curtail the ill effects of all that it has to wade through. A natural shield of immunity is always there but there's no guarantee it will be there once the process of growing up stops. When the phase transition finally arrives, a few lucky ones continue with the gift of nature - their innate resistance, but a large part simply gives it away. It so happens because we do nothing to assist our body during the forming years and afterwards in restoring that natural flair and ultimately the system becomes a little too decrepit and fades away. The only option which we're left with now is to cure all those diseases that we inherit because of that inveterate exploitation of corporeal limits and taking no care whatsoever of how the immunity is to be preserved. 

Hence we all too need an ingredient that keeps the inhered bulwark of the body alive - our first and foremost line of defense against all sorts of bacteria and viruses. And this becomes all the more important as these deadly organisms now become more and more fatal and are now quickly adapting to leave present medicine and vaccination inadequate. It's only the inner strength that can guard us against it, and Chyavanprash still remains the best way to get it and keep it alive. While in the olden days, the days of our old but sturdy folks, Chyavanprash was prepared by the local vaids. Now, Dabur has taken up the job to bring the same goodness of nature which will see us through this battle against all those malignant enemies. 

Dabur's Chyavanprash brings to you that same age-old formulation which comprises of some of nature's most powerful and effective ingredients, the benefits provided by which are simply unmatched. With Amla, Giloy and 40 other such health emboldening ingredients, Dabur's Chyavanprash provides your body the extra mile in setting ramparts for defense against all enemies of our body. It's maybe that one single thing which can bring us back in our battle against these deadly microorganisms which are present all around. With life becoming more and more complex and our habits become more and more devolved, health is the first thing to take a hit. Dabur's Chyavanprash is there to let that prospect not loom upon you for a long long time. 

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