Sunday, 2 November 2014

Everyone's got their job in a network

To put some perspective behind this post, I'm sharing links to some of my previous articles which in a way form a premise for this final post, in what can safely be assumed to be a series of posts that represent my findings on a long social experiment. 

While staying true to the original purpose of this consecrated pursuit, I did deviate from time to time just to tweak up things a little. You are requested to read till the end before impugning or haranguing me. 

It was around 1999 when my brother and I succeeded in pulling off a remarkable feat by being able to establish a 56K dialup connection on a sleazy mtnl line. I was too small to fully grasp the power of the mode that took everybody by surprise. Even back then there were networks, primarily in the form of usenet groups. I was averse to them as they appeared somewhat jejune and brash. I shut myself to networking till 2010, post which I thought I had enough time to plunge in and experiment. Those previous three posts clearly delineate how I engrossed myself in the chime of life by say, getting swept off my feet again and again,by a few cherubic drop dead gorgeous clique girls on the internet, who of course were acquaintances. I didn't even think of as much as platonic relationships. My messages and my communication were always plain and straightforward. I was the typical guy who was too lurid and yet too afraid. For some reason, I chose to be an observant. For some reason, the temptation to witness an online chuckle(which may have never been present on the other side) appealed more than popping up a proposal. The ramifications could have been very deleterious because the girl on facebook had a father who was a top notch offical in the police. So after dawdling around for so long and with her online presence becoming more and more morsel, the facebook project was called off with inadvertent failure. 

The facebook project was embellished with some ancillary activities including but not limited to sending out enough requests to belles and getting sporadic blocks, affirming my admiration for actresses online in the form of comments that were so innocuous that they got lost in the muddle of those "Friends I am blocked. Add me" comments, and last but not the least, pulling off patterns while studying online activity. I got a lot of insights and I try to use them specifically for designing content for the blog and posting links over facebook. However, my core mission of project facebook didn't result in anything substantial. I needed something that stayed with people all the time. And thus commenced the surreptitious, and in the eyes of conformists-murky, project WhatsApp. 

Having subscribed to a multitude of groups, WhatsApp is always abuzz with activity. I required subjects who were not addicts. Thankfully, I got not one but two, separated by a time span of about 6 months. Inevitably, the conversations never extracted a lot out of the other side. The laconic and reticent respondents were never expected to fill windows with verbiage. But through their times to type, through their status updates, through the associations between surges in activity and other changes they made in their accounts, I was able to elicit a lot of behavioral patterns, I was obviously enamored by their gravitas and demeanor but like in the last experiment, admittance was commensurate to effective termination or better worse, legal action (These ladies too had powerful contacts, presumably). I obviously appeared as a depraved, dallying, dodging, dabbling and occasionally dolorous but good enough not to block kind of guy. No turpitude, no brazen schmoozing, nothing to offend them, and nothing unethical as well. Just the default character play in absence of acknowledgement from other side. It should be obvious by now what was the ultimate result of this experiment. The number of two one on the other symbols that represent messages that were read but not replied to, had piled up miserably and project WhatsApp too had to be called off. But the two projects combined, provided one astonishing finding. And it took me 3 years of beguiling on the internet while attracting allegations to get that. 

"Everyone's got their job in a network." I might have come across to all those ladies as maybe a random sociopath who was to be empathized with and that's why I wasn't kicked out initially. Post a point of time though, my behavior might have seemed inscrutable and contemptibly confusing. Finally, I was a lost pawn in a flurry of online traffic. In short, in absence of effective acumen to charm women, I was inducing or maybe masquerading visages. My behavior was not a function of my innate capabilities or overwhelming confidence which penurious relationship analysts writing garish articles for newspapers like TOI consider to be a prime ingredient to spice up the match. My image instead was a function of the intensity received from the other side and hence it ultimately dwindled and got reduced to a bare minimum. In the process, I went on to be different people all the while, not able to be one person all the time. I was that overtly enthusiastic acolyte, I was that desperate minion, I was that indifferent guy, I was that attention seeker, I was that camouflaged helper and what not. In short, I was everything except of course being that one thing I gradually knew I would never be. And everyone of these people have their place on a network. While a two person interaction may seem as an isolated thing but I've got experience to be not that parochial. Despite it being a two person interaction, your perceptions on someone are always influenced by the amalgamation of all other perceptions combined. It's an amazing thing to sink in but no matter how dunce these extraneous people played by me may seem, they all are required for that one person(that I couldn't play) to succeed. Everyone's got their job in a network and that's a truth. 

I guess as curtains draw on one of my sub projects, it will be party time for my subjects because they'll no longer be smothered by senseless communication from a woebegone and petulant guy who didn't seem to get anywhere near as impressive as the one these subjects might have had finally. My best wishes to all of them. We'll continue to stay in touch. And for me, it's about time I delved in the realm of the unknown to unearth the next thing to look out for. Any ideas? 

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