Saturday, 6 December 2014

Fellow Bloggers: Saru Singhal's 'Words'

When I first came across the concept of using a blog as an effective platform of regaling the world with one's soulful poems, it was courtesy of this terrific concoction titled 'Words'. I was looking for some help regarding what theme or idea to predicate my blog on and Words provided some genuine inspiration on how the art of writing has to be adapted and crafted for the online audience and how perfectly it has to be served afterwards. And before I knew it, Words became much more than a mere source of inspiration, and I became one of the most ardent fans of Saru's writing prowess. 

What I like the most about Words and what I believe is going to leave everyone spellbound after reading that blog, is the eerie and yet bedazzling panache with with the words literally weaving into stories and making even the most simplest of subjects suddenly making you pensive. And when it comes to the more complicated coterie of themes and matters, Saru's finesse gets more enhanced and more visible than ever. So while the 200 odd poems on Words are pretty much like conventional poems which are well organized into similies and metaphors, there is still something about the blog that makes them appear so contemporary.

While I still struggle to cope up with the flow of thoughts whenever I intend to write down my thoughts as a poem, and all I end up writing is not so impressive(and sometimes out of rhyme and inconsistent as well) doggerel, Saru's chemistry with her thoughts and words is playful and puckish and her poems as a result receive unfettered praise in the form of comments and shares. Never before have I witnessed a blog that is followed so diligently and that has such a partisan fan base. The comments tell you how much people have read her poems and how much they've become acquainted with her trademark writing style and her choice of themes. And yet on many occasions, they're surprised by her ever changing oeuvre. 

So when it came to choosing the next blogger whom I had to mandatorily thank, it was Saru for the exultant charm of her words, duly manifested in 'Words'.They say poems are unique and a representation of thoughts, opinions and experiences. But Saru's poems are in a way a befitting tribute to the chores, travails and the subsequent joys of modern life. So when you're done grappling with all your usual problems, do get your well deserved dose of conscientious gratification by reading the latest feature on Words

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