Tuesday, 30 December 2014

One para a day.

So much for seeking control of your very destiny and so much for proving detractors wrong. Humankind's progress can be largely attributed to its constant endeavor to struggle, sustain and finally succeed, Hence while examples and vignettes of transformation caused by man are aplenty, we still don't reign over the supreme force of nature - probability. While we work hard to ensure that things go highly in our favor, entropy which is nature's prime driver of evolution, erupts crises by making things go the other way. We work hard and put in all the efforts but yet we end up failing in the end. Probability of failure can in short be reduced to a diminutive .000001, but still one can never make it zero. Completely fail proof is just as delusional as walking to the past and changing it. In one way, nature never intended to have anything that could be 100% certain. Randomness and unpredictability have been the bedrock of how the entire universe evolved. We human beings, happy in our own aplomb, believe we can defeat the very nature by designing more and more superior systems. While in our quest we succeed in reducing failures, it's a universal truth now that the possibility of failures can never be eliminated. Murphy's law remains applicable. So while we strive to better ourselves and what we so proudly pronounce as "our planet", as if our intellectual superiority gives us a default right to make that assertion, we are doing no more than sightly shifting balance in our favor. But failures, as and when they'll happen, will still be as big as they were when they haunted you to make further improvements to systems and processes. And while we see them as failures, nature may see them no more than just another outcome whose probability was low. And anything that has any probability, no matter how small it may be, it can still happen. You can try to get away from it, but entropy in all its essence is universal and it will never fail in doing its job when time arrives. 

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