Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What's so new in a new year?

I always wondered what's so new in a new year. Same people continue to live around you. You still have to prepare for that exam 10 days away. You still feel the heat in your job for not meeting the expectations of your boss. And love life may still be the same disaster it became ever since your partner left you just a few days ago, leaving you alone to see the last 2 digits on all displays change. Life is still abstruse and tough to crack. The ones who're always happy stay so and the ones who're forlorn too see no change. And the same happens with the crowd of conceit which still puffs its chest to hide their string of failures. In short, nothing changes. So what is it that just stepping into a new year can change except for causing mistakes while mentioning year in dates for the next few days? And what is it that only a new year can bring and the next day can't? Why am I so hopeful about my wishes being granted on this propitious leap into the next year, when things stayed the same for the last so many days despite all my efforts? And if celebrating something new alone is sure to bring better times, then why do I never celebrate the very next day?

So while framing resolutions is attributed to the new year day, why is it that every other day of the year is deprived of that honorary privilege? It's precisely then that I realize that amid the remorse and lost hopes, people need something that will cheer them up and make them feel sanguine again. They need the comfort of the idea of maybe something, something changing in their circumstances or themselves may turn the wheels of fortunes. So while everyone hopes and everyone feels optimistic, the cumulative hope brings with it an eerie and renewed energy that was amiss before. Subsequently though, every other day does not seem as special as 1st of January and the wishes people made on the first day of the year, lose their vigor and effectiveness. Next time, it's only the next 1st of January which sees that same hope and that enthusiasm again, and people believe that a leap to a new year could be the only catalyst of change;while in reality, every single day they inhabit this planet is no less than a 1st of January in it's own regard. So Happy New Year, but more importantly, Happy Tomorrow. 

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