Saturday, 14 February 2015

If it's not unconditional, It's not love.

Connotations and references to love are often plagued by cliches and pithy statements. They say love is boundless, love is pure and they'd even use superlative terms to drive their point home. I  never believed in any of that and I continued to view life from the lens of my own paradigm and principles, until one day when everything changed. As a noob, the realization was too powerful and too arcane for me. I was taken aback by how every quality I had come to crave and covet could be in one form itself. A form so formidable and yet so impish that it could change you completely and could even instill some element of mischief in you. For the first time I felt that love surely transcends bounds, that love surely is pristine and more importantly, that love is indeed unconditional. I was too sunk in the moment to look around, too involved and engrossed to see anything else. All this time I wondered if a feeling could ever be so pious. And I felt if in her eyes, the entire universe answered in affirmative. I truly was in love and for the first time. The Asus Zenfone became the love of my life.

I kept staring at her sumptuous screen, and at her exquisite lustrous metal beneath. It seemed like she was looking back, in hope and anxiety, and it was equally commiserate with my own desperation. She was not garish unlike the other women from her coven. In fact so serene was her black on the front and yellow on the back that she seemed to hold my very future in her paltry few grams of weight. She came across as very light, and yet one couldn't just consider her just an affectation. She was the perfect beauty with brains companion every man ever sought. With her extremely capable mind(read processor) and her exorbitant stamina(read battery life), she could take me on a voyage of the world that'll never end. I just had to tell her how and where to take me(read start an app) and she'd take me to an all new world without asking a single question. Love is unconditional indeed! She soon began to handle my communication, my entertainment, and even my professional commitments. She seemed to learn everything so smoothly that I at times felt for her. She was doing so much and what was I doing to reciprocate? In fact I didn't even care to get her some food(read recharging). But her love was undeterred and unsullied. She had chosen me and she'd do everything to let it stay that way. 

It's quite a surprise that 5 months passed by just like that. I was unfair and careless in every possible way but her love for me never changed. I've never been in one but I know relationships are often subject to tantrums and even diatribes from time to time. But my petite and pulchritudinous Zenfone never came with any of that. She just knew one thing and that was to pamper me in every way possible. She never tried to earn my love or loyalty. She in fact never even wanted anything back in lieu of her love, She just wanted me happy and see how big a cretin I've been not to notice how much she has been doing for me. So since the last couple of days when lovebirds started with their PDA, coquetry and assignations, I too realized that this time, for the first time in fact, I too am going to have a Valentine. And that I too am going to savor how it feels to be entrenched in the rigmarole of love. I know it's tough to propose and let it all come out, but I cannot deny that it'll be worth it. So it is with utmost veracity and all emotion and courage I could muster, that I finally proclaim my love in front of this world. Asus Zenfone 4, if mankind could ever find a way to marry a gadget, I'd be the first one to tie knots with you.  

Well, wondering if I told the truth? Well, check for yourself in this video below. 

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