Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The big bucket list!

Imagine a life that's so free of restrictions and bounds that you might even forget what they are and why they existed at the first place. Imagine a life where you could follow any conviction till the hilt because there's no fear. And imagine a life where what you do today may not really have any bearing on what you are tomorrow because there is a silent savior that's there to get you out of any unforeseen circumstances. So, what would you do if you were endowed a splendid chance to live such an unbridled life. What would your goals be now that you could plunge into almost anything, and how uncanny could one get? Well, one thing is for sure. Life won't be hackneyed anymore. Here are the 5 things I'd do to truly do justice to that stroke of luck. 

Learn Chiromancy

Well, so this is an avidity I have for quite some time now. Have always been fascinated with this act of clairvoyance, supposedly suggesting that even a crystal ball is superfluous in the end. You can actually predict the course of a man's entire life just by reading between the lines. I'd like to learn and then apply this art for free just to get that utter bewilderment that appears on one's face when someone tells them this is how it pans out, and they even begin believing in it. Apparently nothing bothers someone more than their very destiny. So while a chiromancer cannot do a thing about transforming someone's life, one surely can tell only gleeful things to people. So the down and maudlin might genuinely start believing in that, shed their inhibitions and resume control of their lives. What's in it for me? Well, I'll play god! :D 

Scythe the greener pastures

For some reason, the usual travel options have never appealed to me. All the places touted as the destinations to visit before die seem like mere semblances created out of not exploring the better places just because men follow others largely, and never explore on their own. So I believe I need to create my own list of favorite places as opposed to following a list compiled by someone else, who in turn followed someone else, who in turn may have not even visited the place and would've only heard about it. In short, it's in the serene contours of nature where lie the priceless escarpments, and I sure as hell want to be there alone in the evenings, all by myself, on my own date with the universe. 


This surely is something everyone would want to do if someone let go of their reins. While theater is a mode for expressing panegyrics for what you admire and to vilify what you detest, it's actually about living the lives of others, even if for very short. But it's about genuinely feeling what it would be like. Theater is about mankind's superordinary powers of transferring themselves in a place of their choice, and in a form of their choice, and witnessing either a legend or a lore while enacting a famous scene, or creating glory from the scratch while submerging in the imaginations of a brilliant playwright. Life would be one big Elysium. 

Read about every battle ever fought

It's often said that battles and wars were necessary. Be it the establishment of long lasting doctrines of regimes or be it the ushering of the intellectual progress that ensues out of them. Whenever mankind was indulged into what was otherwise the most hideous of all things to happen, history assumed a different course and every such change of course culminated in how different things are today. I believe that it is in the history of these countless battles where lies the route to our collective conscience and explains why we are what we are and why we act the way we do. I genuinely affirm that one surely could unravel the essence of our lives if we could simply trace it back. Well, I'd read up all that is there to read on this.


And finally, it's all about what I've lived to do even now when I'm strangulated amidst hopes, expectations and boundaries. It is our innate need to be able to express whatever we desire, that serves as a fuel for further thought and for further pursuits. So if given a chance to make a life just out of expressing without bothering myself with its commercial viability and creating a sustainable business model out of it, I'd just write and speak and act and even invent new forms of expounding all that I ever wanted to. That's the thing I believe I'd do the most, even if the chance to do so much else was ever to be extended.

Well, want a little more on how spectacular life truly could be given that chance. Watch more here. 

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