Saturday, 28 February 2015

With QuikrNXT, sloth is a virtue, not a vice!

How often has it happened that you are rebuked by the elderly for being no more movable than the couch in your living room? And how often has your overt passion for gadgetry and the Internet have landed you in trouble because you were in the line of fire for messing up something or not doing it at all. So advent of technology has impeded progress in the life of many. People prefer to put pictures of them studying before the exam getting uncouth instead of actually studying anything at all and screwing it up. People also prefer to plunge into social media debates without not knowing a shred about the case in point because they never read the newspapers. All in all, technology has brought us to the backfoot on more occasions than one can remember. But what if I told you that this time, technology is the thing that sees you through! 

So I and dad were discussing about getting rid of our old french tin can of a car which sucks more diesel for a mile than a good old locomotive would for the entire journey. It's clearly past its prime and we need someone who simply needs one running vehicle for the purpose of running quick errands. Now my father laid out the problem as being complex because getting a buyer with that many traits is a challenge in itself. Secondly, we were looking for a replacement with another not so old sedan that would run good for sometime. Once again, our extremely distended set of preferences made us rather diffident in seeing how we'll get one such offer. And suddenly, I came up with the idea of using QuikrNXT to get the best prospective transacting parties and bargains. Now having seen his son face music just because of extreme indulgence in technology in the past, he had to be apprehensive. So I persuaded him to give it a try. 

So the moment we logged in, we were amazed to witness the sheer variety of ways in which one could actually search for their dream car. One can sort by brands, by type and then one can apply all kinds of filters to further refine their search according to their wishes. We found the following menu listing all offers by brands and we knew we'll be up for quite some choices. 

So went for Honda as a brand, thinking we'll probably be able to narrow down the search because we thought only limited offers would be there at avail, and we were bewildered to see the rather inexorable list of all cars from nearly all Honda models that were listed. We got pretty amazing variety on the models, on the year of make, on the condition and what not. My father couldn't believe that such an exorbitant list was likely to unravel in front of him. 

We initially thought that sifting through so many prospective offers would be quite a strenuous task and we'll have to have some acuity. However, to our surprise, the amount of information that's logged and recorded for every vehicle is so massive that there are further filters than can actually be deployed to make sure that your searches are as relevant as they can get. It almost seemed like we were getting a customized buffet with our own chef! 

So we finally spent just a little more time and zeroed in on quite some cars. Also, while we commenced our rummaging on QuikrNXT, we weren't very confident if we could actually find someone for our own old car. But having gone through the variegated set of cars on their database even for a specific variety and model, we simply went on and decided to list our own with confidence. 

Apparently, my father who was just at the frontiers of becoming a technocrat, has now a very favorable opinion of it. So I wen't further and exposed him to all the categories of goods that can be brought and sold through this prodigious platform and now I've been put up on the job for listing a lot of things from old electronic pieces for collectors to exquisite artifacts. Although I knew of some of technology's prowess ever since I've been with it, his experience with QuikrNXT has at least roped in my father as a new ardent advocate of the ease with which one can get stuff done online. So if even you're planning to get or sell something, you surely know where to go now. 

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