Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Aaj ka nashta #KelloggsWaleGuptaJi ke ghar pe.

So what if I was to tell you that a scrumptious breakfast or a brunch need not be replete with calories and fat and is something that's at an arm's reach from you. Well, Kellogg's is just the kind of ingredient we were looking for all the time to make that utopic combination of taste and nutrition come true. With over 100 scintillating medleys of eclectic ingredients, Gupta Ji's family has already proven how easy it is to top up any of those delectable items from our usual breakfast menus and turn it into one smash hit of a dish. So while you're going to be spoiled for choices once you visit their Facebook Page, I'm putting up the three that really got me drooling. 

Chatpata Cornflakes Chivda

This is among one of the most breathtaking combinations of spicy conventional ingredients with a tinge of health and enigma. While the regular ingredients of Chivda give this that sulky mix of an umpteen number of flavors, the cornflakes add an unusual element of savory crispy delight which acts to buttress the overall appeal of this light and tacky dish as a part of your breakfast. This in fact is just the kind of snack which can go well anytime of the day with a cup of tea or even when you just wanted to munch on something light and wholesome.

Cornflakes Coconut Laddoo 

And this I believe is a stellar recipe where once again tradition blends with nutrition and crunchiness in such an immaculate manner that you'd kill to get one of these. While the celebrated sugary laddoo recipe remains intact and makes the core of them as mild and sumptuous as it gets, the outer crunchy layer of cornflakes shall add to perfectly complement the treasure hidden beneath and shall form a lethal combination that'll force to break your records of devouring laddoos like a diablo. 

Walnut cornflakes chocoballs 

And finally we come to the promise of a lifetime. This dish by the very looks and description of it, ushers such an exultant feeling that you'd feel like giving yourself in to absolutely any cause if you were offered a few of these spectacular chocoballs for your service. Once again you see a rather impish chemistry between two ingredients that brilliantly combine to produce the kind of magic which is surely worth getting bound by. Moreover  when it comes to the visual delight which many people now consider necessary for breakfast to be deemed complete and consummated, is also present aplenty. This one, while it remains healthy at the core, is also a bliss for those with a penchant for unbridled indulgence in pure luxury.

So now that their repertoire of secret recipes is out, what are you waiting for. Visit Gupta Ji's family once for breakfast and you'll price yourself forever for taking that decision. Here's your key to get to them. Visit this link to get a chance to meet them and secure your invite for a treat of a lifetime. 

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