Friday, 20 March 2015

#ChooseToStart Wanderlust with the second generation Moto E.

So I turned 25 just a few days ago and I'm already inundated with ideas on what to do once my MBA gets over in a couple of months. I've got a good paying job in a revered chocolate company and I sure as hell am going to go places as a marketing graduate. I've always wanted to live my life like a vagabond; Not associated or anchored to a place and always in the lookout for newer and far situated abodes. I want to let go of all hooks, all apprehensions and want to go rabid on taking on life with the challenge of seeing most of it before I perish. Now, that the times finally augured my future in my favor, I was in the lookout for an apt companion. And it was then that I came across this brilliantly crafted amalgam of technology and design. I found all that I was looking for in the second gen Moto E. And boy am I excited about what we two are going to do next. 

Travelling is no longer about just hitchhiking and slipping away into the hinterlands. With a slew of ways in which you can get lost and with the turpitude of some local populace which may just want to see the whole world burn, you may have your excursions turn into nightmares. That's where I need a reliable device and one that I could really bank upon. The new Moto E supports multiple communication frameworks. Moreover, with it's stupendous 2390 mAh battery, once can be rest assured of the device to go miles. I still remember a long trekking trip where both I and my partner got into a spot of bother when both of our so called smartphones proved imbecile when with their modicum of backup, they drained out all power and we were nearly helpless. The Moto E would give me the much needed aplomb on that. 

The second thing that I'd do as a vagrant is to click the kind of pictures that'll really set my social network handles on fire. While the first gen moto E has already proved its mettle with so many of its users clicking and putting so many of their scintillating pictures online, the new Moto E takes the camera performance to an all new level. Its specs stand at a whopping 5 MP, 2592 х 1944 pixels. With the camera and the network capability combined, I'd be able to capture the most stupendous of all esplanades and escarpments that nature has to offer. And at the very sight of an internet connection I can stun the world with what I have to share. And I can't even begin to imagine how mainstream the current selfie culture would appear when I'd take selfies with the nature itself. I'll send all those who ever termed me stoic, right into perdition.

Another sparkling feature of the new moto E is that its stunning display and media performance. The 4.5 inch IPS display coupled with its playback and battery backup, it'll become a perfect media device for viewing all kind of content. While currently, I'm compelled to carry a separate MP3 player and even a tab for my audio and video needs respectively, the new moto E renders all of them redundant because its multimedia performance is immaculate and supreme. So while it'll be playing my favorite music to soothe my senses while commuting in an otherwise decrepit bus to a faraway place. Or be it watching an action movie, say Vertical Limit, at an altitude of 10000ft where the adrenaline would already be pumped up, the new moto E would be precisely all that I'll need to always be plugged into my senses. 

Another set of features which makes this cherubic device rather rambunctious, is it's overall application and internet performance. While most devices wither under the pressure of heavy usage, I've already seen and witnessed the first gen moto E perform with absolute elegance. And the new moto E takes it even further with Qualcomm Sanpdragon and Adreno GPU. Coupled with the other features of the phone, these two make the phone an epitome of optimal performance which makes sure that I'd get the best possible experience with all kinds of applications and browsing no matter where I am. In a world where there is an App or a website for almost everything, Moto E will just be the sine qua none that I was on the lookout for.

Now while my cravings for covering all contours of the world would be satiated appropriately by the sheer ebullience of the new Moto E, I still would require to make myself available for work in order to earn the money that will fund my travel(Unless of course a munificent patron like you decides to sponsor). The Moto E would kind of be a savior in that regard as well. The phone is ready for all office applications and email clients and I've already seen most of it work on all Moto E units I've seen in use till date. It's Java ready and with its sober body, it'll also not end up appearing like the device of a hipster renegade who just believes in nihilism. The Moto E would be a device that will seamlessly switch from being a travel mate to a office secretary in just a handful of swipes. Oh inamorata, where were thee al this time. 

So it makes a lot of sense to say that very seldom do you find such an all encompassing partner which suits your needs so well. The new Moto E is pretty much the package deal a wanderer in the making like me would lookout for. In fact if Moto E was a woman, she'd be that nuptial sensation who'd have to be fought for and won over. As classy and sassy as it is, I #ChooseToStart wanderlust with the new moto E, Check out the new Moto E here

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