Thursday, 5 March 2015

Stay on!

Optimism is a rather quirky phenomenon. While it's absolutely clear that it's easy to be happy than morose, something obnoxious always turns up to make the latter more prevalent. It takes a lot of toil and a lot of torment for one to finally see success and for one to get the tide to turn in their favor. Having said that, optimism remains a necessary ingredient if one were to stay in stead for the better things in life. One can remain disgruntled and still succeed, but the optimistic person will be on a high that keeps him going even despite bloopers and failures that were giant enough to knock down the courage of many a men. So what is the elixir to retain optimism and to keep somberness at bay even in the wake of the looming crises?

I've learnt a lot by looking around people and seeing what is that one common motif of how they work and how they keep going. My quest for that continued across multiple cities and I've spent a tremendous amount of time looking for it in both Delhi and Mumbai. While both cities are very different in their flavors and culture and the ways in which people keep up with their lives, there is one thing I found in common. Smile! 

It seems so arcane at first and yet it's so very obvious that smile is indeed the key to unabated pleasure. It does not matter what their lives augur at a point of time, a smile is all it takes to go another mile and seeing what lies ahead from thereon. Be it the countless travelers of Mumbai local who have to spend a massive time of their day in a cooped up space in a cramped up coach to reach their destination, or be it the umpteen number of hawkers in the grand Chandni Chowk in Delhi who have to work onerously in some of the most testing of all conditions. All the really lighted ones do is to keep smiling. 

I found it rather cabalistic that what was the outcome could also be used as an ingredient for the same. And then I realized that  a hearty wholesome smile multiples because even if those around you are down and decrepit, your smile stimulates a sheer sense of ebullience all around. And while the world around you is actually no bereft of many of the problems that existed even otherwise, this new catalyst of hope spurs a magic that was otherwise missing. 

Another thing I've seen working is the occasional good gesture. While most of us are completely embroiled in the quagmire of our lives and too stuck in our daily chores, it makes sense to stay upbeat about the next such moment when we have to do another one of those routine actions to try and make life a little more engrossing than it is. This comes in many forms. A smiling shopkeeper, courtesy and light conversation from a cab driver or even some assistance from a random stranger who went the extra mile to get you to your place. I've witnessed them all and for some reason they were the pivot for how I felt on those days. 

So come explore some more happiness at Housing. I just watched their ad yesterday and even that in itself is so peppy and full of gumption that I cannot resist the temptation of recommending it. 

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