Sunday, 22 March 2015

Your daily date with happiness.

Life is one big adventure and just like one, it's full of twists and turns. We are in constant endeavor to surge and progress among the ranks and we all carve our own landscapes as we go about doing it. We all witness the soaring heights when we accomplish unprecedented glory, and we all fester and smolder when we have our brush against torment and toil. However, there are still certain things that we keep doing because we know they're our dose of happiness. In fact the moment we realize the power and veracity of these as a source of glee, we embrace them and make them an inveterate part of our regime and existence. It is these things that comprise our daily date with happiness. And you do know how much you gotta price and nurture them further!


While most of our days are spend racing against time and chasing success, it's our slumbers which really set the tone for what is to follow. While most people don't give any credence to what we dream, it is in the annals of our deepest dreams that we truly relish the enigma of life and our own life stories, our people, our battles and even our victories. Sleep is the best tonic and can really do wonders specially in healing and making one feel happy again.

Just beguiling time with family and friends

Your closest circle of family members and a handful of friends forms the most formidable security net which you curl and cuddle under the protection of. The more the amount of time for which you just as much as even hang around in this circle, the more is the amount of alacrity and gumption with which you mold and melt in that eerie sea of collective happiness. Your conversations, your chats, your hangouts and your collective pursuits, all seem to point in only one direction. Happiness!

And the exact opposite

And while the presence of your social circle helps the extrovert bonhomie in you truly manifest itself, there lies a primate inside who just needs two things - adrenaline and a sense of existence. It's precisely that reason why one should actually spend some time alone. I do it when I go for long sprees of running or cycling or my bus journeys, where I plug in my music and seclude myself from the world. It is often in those desolate passages of deliberation and contemplation that you stumble upon the happiness that always lied within!

Pure pleasure

And while we all talk about not being hedonistic and nihilistic, it often makes sense to just indulge in some amount of pleasure and wreak some havoc by going guns on one of the seven sins. While gluttony is my favorite, courtesy of my extremely strong proclivity to savor and adulate all cuisine, I revere and crave for all forms of luxury that is attainable. It's only when we price what we can accomplish that we truly begin to admire ourselves and our fate. And it is only then when we genuinely feel happy about being who we are.

Don't forget to share your own route to happiness. And yeah, there is indeed another thing that makes me happy no matter where I am and irrespective of what I'm doing. One refreshing glass of Coca Cola can satiate and mollify most of your misery, specially during the sweltering summers when heat gets you in some real trouble. So here's to Coke and their latest TVC.

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