Saturday, 18 April 2015

JBIMS batch of 2015: One Last Time!

It was the second week of July '13. If the description about the life at JBIMS was anything to go by, I just knew I was going to go through quite a drill. 7 am lectures sounded too unreal until the day we started having them. Lectures running for 13 to 14 hours with a morsel of break time sounded an even more distant possibility till I found myself knackered at the end of one such day when we had them. And for some inexplicable reason, we all became an inhered part of what once seemed like a bit of a walloping. And we went into the mode where we said "Need audience for a lecture? Well, call us maybe!". We suddenly realized we were going through quite a transformation. We were taught by the most dexterous and accomplished of stalwarts who were not only imparting core management concepts, but who were working us through their actual application. And suddenly, we also realized they weren't just lectures after all, and time suddenly started beguiling as we moved on and on with them. 

The schedule was in fact grueling. There were days when you had usual lectures, followed by presentations, followed by a guest lecture and it inadvertently left most of us languid. But now we were the evolved breed. We suddenly realized that every word of what was written in the "Life at JBIMS" description, was now coming true, The same hallowed classrooms which had seen so many students turn into acolytes, who then moved to the industry and became the next leg of leaders, were now giving us a flavor of the same process. Learning became a more and more integrated and quotidian affair. We all knew that the profs who were so much consecrated and venerated by everyone, were indeed a class apart. And all we could do now was to become an inseparable part of a process that was all set to change us inside out. 

It's being a little more than 20 months since our foray inside the iconic JB campus, and now we've seen ourselves changing. We all took up our internships after a year of lectures and most of us managed to impress upon the industry the mettle and might of how we were honed and prepared. We came back for another ineludible phase of learning, and once again our learning was rather seamless. We were now in some kind of an autopilot mode. The prof just had to announce some submission or presentation, and we knew how to go about it. We all had our small caucus of sorts, and yet we remained a part of an identity that shall continue to define us for our lifetimes - The 120 from the batch of 2015!

And as things are about to reach an end, I only wonder how different and how much more astute and sagacious we are today than we were the day we came in, when we were clad in confidence but surely not as trenchant as we are all set to leave this building that has served as the storehouse of all managerial acumen in the world. We have got a different lens to view the world from, and we surely are not going to be bereft of any opportunities to show the world the substance JB has ensconced in us. So as we all move in to the #TheLastLecture for the #OneLastTime, I can only say "Bring it on!". 

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