Thursday, 7 May 2015

The curious case of the #EkNayiLeague

You can go through all these new videos on and yet you're likely to be perplexed and befuddled on what it could be all about. While on one hand you know that this new league is all about stars and their bedazzling glamor and finesse, you can also sense that this is not about their usual battlefields where they're accustomed to succeeding and making it big. But that one single factor that seems to be the leitmotif of the entire league and its associated format and specifics is that you can play with your heart, but you'd definitely fall for the honey trap if you do so. This is not the kind of game where you're basic deftness and instincts can rescue you from clamorous situations. This is one such game field where you have to rely on one big thing. Your brains! 

While going through the videos, one realizes that this new show or whatever format it assumes is definitely going to have more of stars from sports, but it's also likely to have celebrities from the more quirkier domains like talk shows and stand up comedy. The open challenge thrown from Kapil Dev to Kapil Sharma is definitely one thing to look out for and it has the potential to transform the way in which entertainment has been defined on the Indian television, which otherwise has its reins held by those bedraggled K soaps, which god knows where and why they get their financing from. 

So now we come to that million dollar question, what exactly is going to be the core enigma of this unique #EkNayiLeague which seems to be holding on to everybody's imagination. With an eclectic mix of stars from the avenues of sports and entertainment, and with a host like Kapil Dev who is now ready to don a new hat with a role like never before, it seems like both sports and entertainment are going to be pivotal on how this show is likely to pan out. So finally, here's my guess on what this might be. 

Ek Nayi League in all essence is going to be a cash rich league with heavy bounty on offer for those who're able to match their wits to the task and are able to accomplish more on the mind games. This one is going to be about newer challenges which are going to be a mix of both sports and entertainment wherein new talent will be put at the disposal of the owners. And the owners ahere are going to be established legends of their domains like Dhoni, Sania and Kapil. On the other hand, the belligerents on the field would be young and emerging talent from all kinds of sports and from different realms of entertainment. Hence this is going to be a show with no set stage, but one which will take the audiences to both the cricket fields and tennis lawns and also to the stage of a theater. And while cricketers and tennis stars are best judges of the sporting prowess and performers best judge of talent, the harbingers of the teams are going to be swapped and the sportspersons are now going to own teams of entertainment, while entertainers would own teams of emerging players. And the challenge would be to get more runs or more wickets for teams on sports, and to get more accolades on the stage. 

So if my guess has piqued your curiosity as well, hit the link to EkNayiLeague and get onto to the fanaticism of the guess game already. One thing is for sure. This surely is something to look out for.

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