Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Why Charlie Charlie and the Ouija board will never help you summon spirits!

Are you one of those who get goosebumps by the very idea of getting three more accomplices and doing something heinous and lamentable as summoning a spirit, or multiple spirits, or maybe even a wraith or a demon who never walked the earth in human form? Are you a fan of those grisly movies where either these boards or an urban legend like Bloody Mary is initiated with the hopes of evoking an aghast soul out of its eternal hibernation? Well, I've got both good news and bad news for you! 
The good news is that you may just be able to call out a spirit by appropriately hooking into some metaphysical anchor in their world. While paranormal investigators from all over the world and all their accredited(The churches obviously deem any such accreditation ludicrous. They have their own formal doctrine for exorcism. Maybe it all runs through the legend of the pope's box!) affiliation bodies, all claim to have their own ways in which they can help ailing patrons to do that. So if you are one of those who desperately seek the services of some long abandoned spirit, either for sharing a tale of remorse out of some confession, or to share a laugh with a long departed friend or family member, or if you want to lash out at an erstwhile obdurate person, who now is a spirit, by issuing a post departure subpena. In all these cases, all you need are the services of one of these certified(Or rather self certified!) spirit communication experts. So this surely would've cheered you up I guess. Now is the time for the harsher side to the story. 

While it may be possible for you to call upon and bring into action any kind of spirits or to be fascinated by the presence of any random apparition around, the modern cult legends of the Ouija board or the more recently popularized Charlie Charlie ritual, are definitely not going to help you in that regard. While the former has been around for about more than a century and you can find a lot of materiel on Ouija boards, plainchettes, and even the different ways of using them. The Charlie Charlie game has been fairly recent and has become quite some sensation already. So while it's kind of cute, fiddling with boards and numbers, and colored pencils and papers, they're as futile as they can get and I'll tell you why. 

From the limited understanding of the avenue of the paranormal that I have( with no extremely turbulent or inexplicable sightings witnessed till now), there is one thorough and crude realization I've come up with - The spirits are not eager to communicate, even if you are! Yes, that's the truth. While we human beings might be hyper-excited about afterlife and nemesis and the zombie apocalypse and what not, the spirits are rather phlegmatic in their character and conduct. They're too comfortable inhabiting the same physical spaces as us, but they have their own energy fields in whose ethereal fabric they're embedded forever. So while you can track down supernatural presence by energy changes(Electrical disturbances, chemical reactions, crop failures. They all can be attributed to some energy conversion), you can't just trigger any of those conversions at your whims and volition just like that. You simply can't.

Spirits inhabit the higher spectrum of energy and they're actually woven in their own fabric of intermingling energy fields. While it's pretty debatable and lot of research is still in progress on whether they're spirits or just occasional structured patterns of entropy which give the pretense of being a spirit. Even if we were to consider them as spirits, the very idea of Ouija boards and other definite forms of seances can be quelled in no time. Spirits never willingly like to manifest in our worlds. While on most occasions, it is a human trigger like moving in a new place or a more structured and sophisticated seance which gets spirits in action, they're high energy entities who cannot be called into a scene just by making minor movements on the Ouija board or by letting the Charlie pencils move. Spirits can actually cross over to our domain and make themselves apparent but only by complex reactions. 

Unusual sounds in the attic, disturbances on analog signals, vegetables turning color owing to rapid vitriolic chemical phenomenon, they all are spirits trying to change things. In reality, spirits are comprised of such enormous energy silos that they cannot control it themselves and hence all spirit sightings are abrupt and rather capricious. Even in professional summoning of spirits, the spirits may actually transcend from their domain to ours but may not know how to make their presence felt. Hence it may be actually years after a professional seance that suddenly things may turn askew with some truculent spirit setting everything upside down. So just imagine how preposterous and cherubic the very idea of calling up spirits at the very comfort of your home with just as much as a wicked magical board and a guiding lens sounds. 

In essence, spirits and communication with them can be a rather subtle affair. In cases when some stubborn renegade spirit failed to cross over to the high energy state and dawdled around its human abode to probably establish contact with select individuals while not recognizing that he/she is actually dead, the spirit almost inevitably failed in doing what it intended to. Either the spirit falters because it can't manipulate things in our physical space. And hence more often than not even a benevolent spirit might do something very detrimental, by not knowing the extent of its energy. Or the spirit shall learn with time the art of subtly making their presence felt. And once they realize that their actions cause more damage than solace, they abjure the idea and cross over eventually. 

If you ever want to communicate with spirits, please note that it's your intention combined with their malignant or benedictory beliefs that as a combination decide how they'll try and come in your life. Most spirits try and infest human flesh because they fail in comprehending the recondite ways in which they could put forth their point in the human domain, while retaining their form. Additionally, the very idea of Ouija board and related seances is so obscure and unrealistic because every seance has to touch their energy fields in some way or the other. It's like tapping into a new communication network to send your message. Witchcraft, which has been vilified and traduced, but which once served the sole purpose of selected energy efficient human beings helping others, is a perfect example of this. Spirits can be contacted only by making strides to reach out to their domain - their energy field fabric. While Ouija boards and Charlie Charlie and Bloody Mary don't really do that, they also are a little too structured and definite! 

Demons may actually be stimulated through set procedures as followed by cult and ritual practicing sects, but normal poltergeists may not be very susceptible to any concrete ways of being called out to. As I mentioned before, they're archetypal patterned energy differences which travel across the energy field, and the only way you reach out to them is to try different energy variations in your seance. It's like a trial and error mechanism for reaching out to a person whose number you don't know. Most of the professional seances can go on for days for this very reason, often leaving the human medium bereft of any energy because the person had to try so many different energy difference combinations in order to make the right call. So the next time you find it a rather daunting and petrifying task to do something wacky like calling Bloody Mary in a dark room by uttering the celebrated words in front of a mirror, don't be afraid. It'll take years for her to hear you that way.Or maybe even after years, she won't because you've grown too old to be bit into already!

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