Monday, 29 June 2015

What is faith?

In the beginning this might seem like a very doltish a question to ask. Ever since we assume control of some of our senses, we entrust someone or the other for our well being and our protection. Right from the cuddling arms of our mother to the protective custody of our father to the safe house in our own home. We vest our absolute and verily trust in those whom we hold rather sacred in our premise of life. So trust is pretty commonplace. But faith means submission to someone or something we consider supreme. Faith is in fact concomitant with admiration, belief and genuine devotion at times. While we often misplace trust on a lot many occasions, faith is replete and sacrosanct. A misplacement of faith in either a surreal individual or a hallowed entity, can literally pummel the inner fabric of human conscience. So, I guess now you know what faith I'm talking about. 

Over the last couple of years, I've made it a habit to observe life for what it is than to make conscious and deliberate attempts to change its course. I've started acting like a dilettante who dallies with life. In layman terms, I can be termed indifferent but for me, life makes much more sense this way. I've observed people's trust getting crumbled and withered to pieces and I've seen their resurrection with stolidness and fortitude. I've seen people falter and I've seen them move back to the course they chose to follow. And I've seen the follies in the ways we all lead our lives. But only on one or two occasions did I see someone renouncing their faith either in search for a new one, or to abdicate the idea of faith altogether! 

So all these observations propelled me to contemplate on the idea of faith and to delve into the roots of my own. One thing that we all do as zealots is to tie faith with religion. You can tie faith with gods or consecrated ideals enshrined in holy books of religions, but faith in religion itself seems a little too frail and fickle. The ones I saw lose out on their faith were shattered not because their faith didn't pay back. We all inevitably end up having our primordial faith in our religion and hence we also end up having faith in so many things. We vest our faith in idols, in worshiping, places of worshiping, in priests and what not. And that in itself is fallacious. We can trust all of them to do their jobs but having faith in them leaves no scope for error. And hence any deviation from the course we expect is tantamount to subjugation. So every instance of invalid payback from our faith results in a dent. And over time, these dents result in irreparable damages which wither and wane our ultimate belief, and because of which we lose on on something we held so dear; our own faith! 

So, while I, a bungling guy who is no more than an average minion, may be too privative to say this, but faith needs to be placed in something much more formidable and everlasting than religion. Religions are subject to transformation and evolution, and those religions that resist change are doomed for cessation. However, the holy and the divine powers of creation, destruction and resurrection are perpetual and don't have neither an end nor a beginning. Call it the forces of the universe, or call them god. The collective phenomena which were also responsible for mankind's evolution to what we are today, seem to be the only thing worthy enough for us to place our faith in. 

We human beings are jejune and naive enough to place our faith in tangible things when faith in itself is so ineffable and exists only at a psychic level. Faith begets a way of life and we can't owe our very existence to something we witnessed only after we were born. We owe our existence partially to our parents, and partially to the force that created both our parents and us. Once again it may be unedifying to preach and follow something we can't see or feel but even during our prayers, we close our eyes and evoke the unseen. So faith should have its roots in something that we can never witness but only seek. Because in that way, our faith acts as a silent protector, a constant companion and an emphatic ombudsman. Faith is for real only when we see realize how powerful it can be, and faith is the most supreme and indomitable of all feelings, thoughts and emotions on the planet. So the next time you think about faith, remember how omnipotent it is.

"Be free from fear, be fearless, and have faith in the divine."

  - Bhagavad Gita 16.1

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