Monday, 20 July 2015

Meet your final backlash!

It's very easy to define what a life is. It is constant struggle and intermittent success fondling and mingling with each other in an everlasting way. You try, you falter, you try again, and you keep doing so till you either switch gears and move beyond a bound, or till you switch the domain itself. Life is tough, but life is equally rewarding. Life is unfair, but everyone does have some share of life changing opportunities. Life is much more than what you, me, and everyone else will spend. It's just a manifestation of life. Life is actually a phenomenon that far transcends the timeline between a birth and a death. So in our quest for our final destination, we keep trying, we keep moving ahead, and there is something or the other which keeps pulling as back as well. And our response to that element is a backlash. It's a kind of revenge on life itself. It can be as tepid as taking umbrage and shouting out aloud, and it can also be equally extreme like committing suicide. Everyone has a different intensity of these backlashes. People tend to take out the exasperation on their religion, their partners, their parents and what not. And some may actually weep and whine in soliloquy. But irrespective of how we deal with these backlashes, there is one final backlash we all wade through. And this message is addressed to that. 

When we were small and our scope of control was pretty limited, we didn't even know what to do when situation ran out of control. Irrespective of how much dotes motivational speakers are with the idea of one always being able to change our destiny, there are certain moments when we have to accede. And it is precisely in those moments, when we move beyond our normal ways and character and lash out at life. Consider a stock market investor who lost it all. His backlash would involve either a complete abdication of all kinds of trading, or maybe he'll trade again but may became bullish instead of bearish or vice versa. A backlash is pretty much a tipping point when your faith, your belief and even your values might go for a toss or in a state of hibernation. And at the end, you either renounce or even denounce them and adopt new ones, or your faith in the existing set emboldens. 

So backlashes are important. They change us, they evolve us, and they make us better or worse. But they're necessary because otherwise everyone will forever be who they are. And change is the essence of transformation. But what about that one final backlash that most of us are likely to encounter in our lives. While some people are heralded as hallmarks of success because they kept fighting, and struggling against the odds till the very end. There are many who ostensibly "give up". But it's not giving up! It's not that life and its vagaries literally usurped and defiled them beyond reparation. It's just that life forced them to kneel and grovel and accept the hurled situation as their final backlash.

The final backlash makes a marked change in everyone's character. A man who spent his whole life haggling and crying may suddenly become a placated hermit. Or a person who remained laconic and stoic may suddenly become a little too aggressive and loud. What makes the final backlash special though, is that it changes a human being for the one last time. You might recall how your parents would've commented many a time during your upbringing that you have changed substantially. They may actually notice small changes even today. Everyone goes through a series of changes throughout their lives because of these sporadic backlashes. However, the final backlash is the one post which the mold of your character becomes fixated and nothing changes post that. 

It is these final backlashes that not only define a man's character in the most complete state, but which also defines society's biggest milestones. Gandhi went through a series of humiliations, contemplations and character building moments before he finally chose to embrace non violence once and for all and changed the world forever. Hitler on the other hand, was a pretty labile and submissive kind of a guy before his boiling point in his mental cauldron reached and he took the steam on all the world. While the backlashes these men had throughout their lives may have had a bearing on what their final backlash did. The final backlash had the most profound of impact mankind ever witnessed. 

So as both you and I live with the hope of attaining prosperity, it makes sense to see if we've already gone through the final backlash. While some people may never get one because they just surrender themselves to the vicissitudes of the world, some may instead chose to form character upfront and lead life in a well defined way. And if we haven't, we should know that this one final upheaval of our persona, our countenance and our soul is yet to arrive. IF life's going good, know that our final backlash may bring with it a wrath of its own for our unknown sins and to give us our comeuppance. And if life is nettlesome, know that on one fine day, you won't remain a minion anymore. While your position may not improve substantially, you may go on and become a person with a will of steel. You may still struggle but now you may still have the zeal and gusto. And while you may still be forced to fight, at least you may fight with some conviction. Finally, irrespective of whatever you've done and whatever you're into right now, look out for the final backlash, and respect it. For when it arrives, you'll be changed forever!

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