Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Does your life breed on inactivity?

Before you come up with any extreme conclusions on the title, let me set the things in some broad perspective, and as the post progresses, you'd see what I'm talking about. If you are a regular, ordinary, banal 9 to 5 worker, most of this shall apply in your case, just like I suddenly realized it did in mine. I was initially baffled to know what I've been caught up in, and then it struck like a tempest long impending to come strike me and winnow me away from the useful ones. The ones who really do what gets things ticking. In in the scheme of this world's cogs and sprockets, I failed to see my place. Because while my position would be marked good enough by society's standards, my life has been breeding on inactivity! 

Try and spot your place in your own little microcosm. You have a boss, who has a boss, who has a boss, and the boss at the apex chooses a number, which trickles down through an umpteen number of intermediate levels, and finally boils down to one crude number your boss passes on to you for you to achieve, which shall ensure your boss's number is also achieved and attained. Every single day, week and month, coy and restive as you could be, you blench, cower and cringe, you toil day and night, and you finally manage to hit the bull's eye and get that number on board. Your boss is absolutely ecstatic, and in turn it enraptures you because you feel satisfied. And at the end of the day, you pat your back for a job well done. You were told to do something and you did it. And you also got paid like hell for it. What else does one need? You feel like you finally secured a place in the natural order of things, and you keep doing the same things, time and again, in the same cycle. Numbers keep changing, your responsibilities keep protruding, and you stay happy in your own closet. Isn't that what you were always taught to do, after all? 

Now, consider the exact opposite situation of you going contumacious and puerile. You vow against conformance on a plethora of issues. You feel the stench of apathy in the system, you spot the corruption, you disapprove the ways of your seniors, and hell you're even ready to argue with the very core adages your company swears by. In all essence, you're a tenebruous renegade! You may not flout any rules, but you are critical of almost everything because you believe you possess the rectitude. You may still go on and get those numbers, but you set a few things afire and you cause the trembling that can shatter even the deepest foundations. You're seen as a harridan by most and as cunning by a few. Your bosses shall elevate you to a rather satanic status and all the time someone or the other pops up a conversation around you. Some on your valor, some on your imbecility and others on your ingenuity. So what do you envisage out of a situation like this?

Well, irrespective of whether you managed to achieve your targets or not, you resulted in much more activity, courtesy of your jibe at the system. It also does not matter if and when your objective's ends met or not, but at least for once, you spurred some motion into a set of fragile and almost immovable entities. While the system in the former situation shall seem as a perfect machine to its purveyors and benefactors, it is a rusting, frail, obnoxious and seriously outdated and out of purpose system. Induce a change and it'll collapse because of the whole burden of parts that will have to be set in motion for them to be in sync. When you shooed compliance to set principles, you tested such a system. If the system is formidable and durable enough, it'll hold on and even possibly send some response. But as it is in most of the cases, it'll shun you out as an apostate. So while you're gone, everyone will breathe free, only to witness some other recalcitrant some few years later, who'd again be shunned out, till one day the system shall give in to its long incumbent collapse. 

In reality, most of us work in systems that are pretty weak and prone to severe damages. In fact any system that has remained static for very long, is susceptible to complete obliteration. And as we work in such systems, believing in our own merry aplomb, with our own eulogies for the same, and with our seniors aggrandizing it and asking us to do the same, we are breeding on inactivity. The kind of inactivity manifested and visible in the form of our actions doing nothing more than allowing us to achieve some number, as opposed to what may actually be the need of the hour.! All this time we see our actions resulting in something substantial, with us being too demure to even question the very purpose of our actions. So we see success in our own spheres. Whereas in reality, maybe that action just proved detrimental for a well placed, well positioned system, negating someone Else's efforts. So while we may never really know what we'd do on our own would be right or not, at least it'll result in some action at the end, and maybe by finding the right way someday, we can finally lead a life that results in something small but prolific, brazen but sharp, insubstantial but marked, and put an end to our lives that breed on inactivity. numtarget

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